Bulk Add to Cart by Aheadworks

The plugin is a sales-boosting solution facilitating bulk purchases by embedding product lists into the content of a store page.

Bulk Add to Cart allows admins to create product lists with predefined product quantities and product variations. The lists can be published either on the store or on blog pages. Customers can add product lists to the cart in a few clicks.

Admins can add the list to a blog post or static page using a shortcode and manage products in a product list grid. Users can reconfigure products in the list.


  • Product list block contains products, list title, and the “Add All Selected to Cart” button.
  • Shortcode to place a product list block within a page.
  • Shortcodes generated automatically for each list block.
  • Multiple list blocks on a page.
  • Feature product prices and total list price on the list block.
  • Configurable default product quantity and variables to feature on the list.
  • Product variable and quantity defaults can be updated on the Storefront.
  • Product checkbox selector to supplement the list block on the Storefront.
  • Option to cancel updating product variables on the Storefront.

How Bulk Add to Cart works:

Admin arranges product lists

The plugin does not require any preliminary setup. It’s ready for use right away, as installed. 

When creating a list of products, the Admin must specify a list title. The title will appear in the product lists grid on the back end and on the list block on the storefront. It’s essential that Admins specify a unique list title.

New product list

The Admin can add multiple products to the list at the same time. The Add New Product popup allows Admins to filter and search the product catalog to help populate the list with relevant items.

Add new product list


Once products are on the list, the Admin can specify variations and quantities. The quantity can then be updated on the storefront. Admins can enable the option to allow customers to alter variations. 

Product configuration

The New/Edit Product List page displays total prices for each row, as well as the overall total.  

Admin adds lists to pages/posts

The Bulk Add to Cart tab on the dashboard displays the grid with all product lists available in the store. Admins can browse, edit, delete, and search for lists. Items in this grid can be quick-edited or edited in full mode. 

The Product Lists grid contains an auto-generated shortcode for each list. Copy and paste shortcodes to display lists on a page/post. Multiple shortcodes can be used multiple times on any one page.

Product list


Customer adds lists of products to cart

Customers will see product lists seamlessly embedded into the page/post. The block will contain the title of the product list, the product grid, the total price of the list and the Add All Selected to Cart button. The grid displays the product image, its name, description, and price. The grid will also display variation and quantity selectors. Admins must enable the variation selector from the back end.

The customer can either add the whole list (by default) to the Cart, or customize it before doing so. Product variation and quantity are the two parameters available for configuration. Updating either of the two will updates the price next to the product and the overall total price. 

Customers can add bulk products to the cart in one click. A couple of more clicks will customize the list. 

Add all selected to cart

Increase the average cart total:

  • Display product lists on any store or blog page.
  • The lists prompt customers to buy in bulk with the Add All Selected to Cart button.
  • Maximize cross-sales by populating lists with related products.

Increase the value of your content:

  • Add multiple product lists to pages.
  • Display smart content by placing list shortcodes into relevant content areas.
  • Populate lists with products relevant to page content.

Save customers time :

  • Customers can add listed products to the cart in one click.
  • Customers can add products from multiple lists to the cart.

Increase of the customer engagement:

  • Allow customers to select variations and alter quantity of products on the list.
  • Customers can configure the lists right on the pages, no redirect required.


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

Install Bulk Add to Cart plugin for WooCommerce and boost your sales by encouraging customers to make bulk purchases.

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