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Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce

Allow bulk discounts to customers and user roles such as quantity discount, gift item, buy x & get discount on x or Y, and flat discount.

  • Create unlimited rules and run multiple discount offers
  • Create quantity-based discounts for specific products or categories
  • Create buy-x-and-get-discount-on-x offers
  • Create buy-x-and-get-discount-on-y offers
  • Offer flat discounts on the entire shop or specific products or categories
  • Offer gift products based on various cart conditions such as total, subtotal, coupon code, etc.
  • Supports three types of discounts: fixed, percentage, and discounted prices
  • Offer discounts to specific user roles
  • Display pricing tables on product pages
  • Customize pricing tables with text colors, background colors, etc.

Add Customized Bulk Discount Solutions

Bulk Discount for WooCommerce is an all-in-one bulk discount solution for store owners. It allows you to run multiple discount offers at one time. With the buy-x-and-get-x option, you allow customers to buy a minimum quantity of x and get a discount on the next (one or more) quantity or quantities. Use the buy-x-and-get-y feature, and customers can purchase a minimum quantity of one item and get a discount on another item.

WooCommerce bulk discounts plugin allows you to offer any product as a gift to customers based on items in their carts, cart totals, subtotals, coupon codes, and carts containing specific products or categories.

You can offer flat discounts on the entire shop, selected products, or categories using the flat-discount option. You can restrict discounts to specific user roles—a useful feature for B2B store owners. The plugin displays a table on product pages, to encourage customers to buy and informs them about discount offers.

Features of WooCommerce Bulk Discounts

Quantity discount

With the WooCommerce bulk discounts plugin, you can create tier pricing and provide various discounts to your customers based on product quantities.

WooCommerce Bulk discounts

WooCommerce Bulk discounts

Buy x, get x

Allow customers to buy a quantity of item x and get an additional quantity of x at a discount. You can set the quantity that qualifies for a discount.

WooCommerce Bulk discounts

WooCommerce Bulk discounts

Buy x, get y

The WooCommerce bulk discounts plugin enables you to create a buy-x-get-y offer. For example, offer customers the opportunity to buy three shirts and get two ties at a discount.

WooCommerce Bulk discounts

WooCommerce Bulk discounts

Gift/Free product

You can provide free products as a gift to customers on cart pages based on conditions such as cart totals, subtotals, coupon codes used, carts containing certain products, and carts containing products from specific categories.

WooCommerce Bulk discounts

WooCommerce Bulk discounts

Flat discounts

Using the WooCommerce bulk discounts plugin, offer flat discounts on your entire store, specific products, or categories.

Offer discount to specific user roles

You can offer discounts for specific user roles. It is a helpful feature for B2B stores.


  • All-in-one discount options
  • Enhances your customer’s experience
  • Engages customers
  • Boosts store sales
  • Encourages buyers to increase order values to receive a discount
  • Provides discounts to loyal customers using the user-role feature
  • Great for B2B businesses

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