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Bulk Edit Products, Prices, and Attributes

With WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Prices, and Attributes, you can easily and instantly bulk edit more than 10,000 WooCommerce Products.

Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products

Editing the title or image of one or two products in a store is easy! But what if you need to do the bulk edit to a massive number of products? You may need to modify the same products over and over again, and this tedious task will exhaust our time. 

But, worry not! With WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes plugin you can easily and quickly bulk edit more than 10,000 WooCommerce products at a time, whether it’s Simple, Variable, or External. Also, you can filter products, create variations, schedule automatic bulk edit jobs, and undo the most recent changes partially or entirely before the session expires.

Top Features of WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugin

Easily Edit Bulk Products

You can bulk edit four types of product variations including Simple, Variable (Parent), Variable (Variations), and External by simply selecting them from the dropdown menu.

Edit WooCommerce Products in Bulk

Filter the Products to Edit

Use the filter options based on a variety of properties to pick specific products or categories to edit. Apply the changes to the required products without affecting other products. You can even exclude some products that come under any filtered categories using their product IDs or exclude the categories from the bulk edit.

Filter the Products to be Bulk Edited

Preview the Products to be Bulk-Edited

Do a quick preview to ensure all the products to be edited are filtered. Check any products that do not require to be updated and uncheck the products from the preview page if you do not want to proceed with them to the next step.
Preview the Filtered Products Before Applying Bulk Edit

Bulk Edit Any Product Properties

You can bulk edit as many products as you want in just one step and edit fields such as SKU, Stock, Regular Price, Sale Price, Weight, Height, etc. This helps you save time for updating multiple product properties.

Apply Edits to the Filtered Products

Interchange Global Attribute Values for Variable Products

Quickly interchange global product attribute values for variable products. Enable product attributes like color and swap values, such as changing a ‘Yellow’ shirt to ‘Any Color’, by selecting options from drop-down menus.

Bulk Edit Global Attribute Values of Variable Products

Generate Variations of All Attributes for Variable Products

Generate all possible variations for selected variable products based on global and custom attributes with a single click. Additionally, you can update regular and sale prices for these variations in bulk.

Create Variations from All Attributes and Update Product Prices in Bulk

Bulk Delete Products in One Click

Filter and bulk delete the products permanently or move them to the trash for temporary removal from your store. Further, you can restore the products moved to the trash whenever needed.

Delete Filtered Products in One Click 1

Schedule Jobs for Bulk Updates

It is a bit difficult to update the same things over and over again as a routine. Here, you can schedule the bulk edit jobs daily, weekly, or monthly and relax as the plugin will execute the jobs on time for a specific period. Now, if you wish to stop the bulk operation after a certain period, you can schedule that too!

bulk edit product prices and attributes

Filter and Bulk Edit Products using Pattern Matching(RegEx) 

You can use Regular expression (regex) patterns to filter and edit product titles and SKUs in bulk. For instance, if you want to replace titles of products starting with ‘Woo’, enter the pattern as ‘[^Woo]’ (without quotes) in the designated field.

Filter and Bulk Edit Products using Pattern Matching(RegEx)

Apply Bulk Edit to Global Attribute Values & Product Categories

Add, remove, or overwrite an existing global attribute and its values to the filtered products as well as, use the configured attributes for variation purposes. Just like Product Attributes, you can choose to add, remove, or overwrite existing Product Categories to the filtered products.

Add, Remove or Overwrite Global Attribute Values in Bulk

Bulk Edit Custom Product Fields

Easily update custom product fields from third-party plugins by entering their meta keys in the Custom meta settings. Then, you can bulk edit these fields just like any other product information.

Bulk Edit Custom Product Fields

Update Product Images & Bulk Edit Images in the Product Gallery

Just in a single click, add or replace an existing image with a new image to all the filtered products by simply adding the image URL. Additionally, add, remove or replace an image in the product gallery.

Update Product Images & Bulk Edit Images in the Product Gallery

Undo the Last Operation

You can completely or partially undo the last bulk operation before the session expires.

Revert & UNDO the Last Operation

Tested for 10,000+ WooCommerce Products

Our WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugin has been tested to bulk edit more than 10,000 products precisely, making it the most feasible WooCommerce plugin for bulk editing products.

Tested for 10,000+ WooCommerce Products

Few Use Cases of WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugin

  • Update the regular price or sales price of all variations of products within one selected product category.
  • Bulk add/update sales price based on regular price.
  • Increase or decrease all prices in a category by a set percentage (%) or dollar($) value.
  • Bulk add sale prices to products that do not currently have sale prices active.
  • Bulk add product tags.
  • Update SKU and stock of all simple products that have a particular price.
  • During the sale, the period changes the sale price of your products in a particular category.
  • Update attributes/prices for those products that start/end/contain a specific string in the title or match a specific regular expression (RegEx).
  • Bulk update dimensions for all products except for a particular category of products (configured using the exclusion list).
  • Revert the last completed bulk edit operation to the original state in case of a mistake.
  • Schedule a discount sale for certain days and automatically lift the discount after the specified timeline.


Minimum WooCommerce version: 3.7.0
Minimum WordPress version: 5.2
Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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