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Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce

Bulk edit products, subscriptions, and variations. Easy schedule sales, change prices, upsells, cross-sells, images, categories, stock, attributes, generate SKUs, and much more.

  • Bulk Editing: Manage products, prices, stocks, images, categories and variations with ease.
  • Product Linking: Boost sales with intuitive upsells and cross-sells.
  • Sorting & Filtering: Quickly find products, set sales, and generate SKUs.
  • Integrations: Extend functionality with custom fields and advanced options.

Manage Your Store with Bulk Table Editor

Transform WooCommerce store management with the Bulk Table Editor. Swift and efficient bulk modifications across products and variations, scheduling sales, edit prices, stocks, and more—all from a single, intuitive dashboard. 

Key Features:

  • Effortless Bulk Editing: Quickly adjust prices, schedule sales, generate SKU’s, adjust stock, and much more. 
  • Advanced Sorting and Filtering: Robust filters streamline inventory management, making it easy to handle large product catalogs.
  • Strategic Sales Management: Execute promotional strategies effectively with tools for scheduling sales (date+time) and setting discounts.
  • Category & Images Management: Manage product visuals and categories, tools to update and manage images and category assignments easily.
  • Attributes & Custom Fields: Easily bulk edit product attributes, and edit up to 5 custom fields. NEW
  • Enhanced Product Linking: Increase revenue with upsell and cross-sell management, improving both the shopping experience and profitability.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with key WooCommerce extensions, enhancing functionality tailored to your business needs.
  • Multi-Language Support: Several languages included, POT file for custom translations.

Leverage the power of Bulk Table Editor to streamline your WooCommerce operations.

Easy access Bulk Functions

Bulk functions in bulk table editor

Enhance your pricing and stock management effortlessly with our intuitive bulk function menu. Start by setting a base value, then select the function you need. For example, applying a ‘20% off’ sale price automatically calculates the discount from the regular price. This ensures that adjustments in stock levels and overall prices are made with precision, reflecting current values for accuracy and ease.

Looking to set a specific selling price? Our ‘Set Fixed Pricing’ function allows you to establish new prices or override existing ones, even setting prices as exact as $9.99. For added sophistication, use our rounding function to adjust prices to more appealing figures, like rounding $19.55 to $19.60.

Planning to repeat a successful promotion? The ‘Sale Price’ bulk function includes a feature that retrieves past sale prices, simplifying the process of replicating effective sales strategies.

Effortlessly Launch Sales: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bulk Table Editor - set up sales

Setting up sales in Bulk Table Editor is a breeze. Let’s say you own a clothing store and want to run a new T-shirt sale. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Editor Home
  2. Select the Category: Choose the category ‘T-shirts’ from the dropdown menu.
  3. Set the Sale Price: Enter your desired sale price in the bulk function. If you’re offering a percentage discount, select ‘decrease in percent’ from the dropdown box and enter, for example, 20%. Bulk Table Editor will calculate a 20% discount based on your current product pricing and apply it to all T-shirts.
  4. Rounding Options: Need to round your prices? No problem. Utilize the bulk function to choose from available rounding options. For instance, you can round a price from $19.75 to $19.80 with a two-decimal rounding error.
  5. Choose Start and End Dates: Decide when your sale begins and ends. Use the bulk methods to select both start and end dates, and Bulk Table Editor will automatically fill in the rows. You can even set specific start and end times if necessary. If there are products you don’t want to include, simply uncheck them and click ‘save all.’ If using a time to start or end your sale, make sure the Action Scheduler runs on a interval (option in settings).
  6. Sale Percent Display: The ‘Sale Percent’ column conveniently displays the percentage discount applied to each product in your sale.

That’s it! Your sale is now set up and ready to launch on the start date you’ve chosen. With Bulk Table Editor, managing sales has never been easier.

Enhanced Filtering

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce introduces robust filtering capabilities to revolutionize how you manage your store’s inventory. With an intuitive interface and advanced options, overseeing your product catalog becomes more efficient and less time-consuming.

Bulk Table Editor - filters

Key Features of Our Advanced Filtering:

  • Multi-Select and Sale Status Filters: Effortlessly refine your search with multi-select options for categories, tags, and stock statuses. Plus, leverage the Sale Status filter to quickly identify products on sale, not on sale, or view all products regardless of their sale status. This combination of filters offers a comprehensive overview, allowing you to target and manage products with unmatched precision.

  • Streamlined Stock Management: The multiple stock status filter provides an unparalleled ability to monitor and adjust your inventory. Keep track of items across various stock levels, ensuring your store is always perfectly stocked.

  • Persistent Filter Settings: Our intelligent filters remember your settings as you navigate through different tabs and pages. This continuity saves you valuable time, eliminating the need to repeatedly set your preferred filters as you manage your store.

With Bulk Table Editor’s enhanced filtering, you’re equipped to handle large-scale product management with ease, making your WooCommerce operations smoother and more effective.

Category and Images Management

The newly added “Category & Images” tab is designed to streamline the way you manage product visuals and categorizations, enhancing efficiency and control over your WooCommerce store’s inventory.

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce - Categories and images

Empower Your Product Visuals

  • Seamless Image Updates: With the “Category & Images” tab, updating featured and gallery images becomes a hassle-free process. Whether you’re looking to adjust a single product or apply changes in bulk, this tab provides the tools you need to keep your product visuals fresh and engaging.
  • Zoom for Detail: Each image within the table includes a zoom option, allowing you to enlarge and inspect visuals directly, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Streamlined Category Management

  • Bulk Category Updates: Redefine how you organize your products with our multi-select category management tool. This feature not only allows for the bulk updating of categories but also includes a search function, making it easier than ever to find and assign the right categories to your products.
  • Flexible Options: Whether you’re adding new categories, setting specific ones, removing unwanted categories, or clearing them altogether, the “Category & Images” tab equips you with the flexibility to tailor your product listings precisely.

Bulk Edit Attributes & Custom Fields

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce - attributes filter

Easily bulk edit product attributes and add up to 5 custom fields using the new Attributes & Custom Fields tab in the Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce. This feature enhances your ability to manage product data efficiently, ensuring consistency and saving time. Leverage the power of bulk editing to streamline your workflow and maintain accurate product information effortlessly.


Unlock Higher Sales Potential with Linked Products

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce - linked products

Imagine this common scenario: A customer visits your online store, finds a product they love, and adds it to their cart. Now, here’s the opportunity. What if you could effortlessly recommend additional products that complement their selection, leading to increased order values and customer satisfaction?

The Solution:

The Linked Products tab empowers you to create strategic product relationships with ease. Whether it’s upselling more profitable items or cross-selling related products, this intuitive tool streamlines the process. No more manual linking or tedious adjustments—just smart, automated suggestions that boost your sales.

Why Upsells and Cross-Sells Matter:

  • Maximize Revenue: Upsells enable you to suggest higher-priced or more valuable alternatives, increasing your average order value.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: Cross-sells introduce customers to products that complement their selections, improving their shopping experience.
  • Increase Cart Conversion: Well-placed upsells and cross-sells can turn browsers into buyers, driving conversion rates.
  • Customer Loyalty: By recommending relevant products, you demonstrate that you understand your customers’ needs, fostering loyalty.

Seize the Opportunity:

Don’t let the potential for higher sales slip through your fingers. With Bulk Table Editor’s Linked Products tab, you have the tools to strategically guide your customers, enhance their shopping experience, and ultimately, drive more revenue for your WooCommerce store.

Discover the power of upselling and cross-selling the smart way.

Range Filters

Bulk Table Editor - range filters

Bulk Table Editor’s range filters allow you to easily find and update products within a specific range. For example, you could use the range filter to find all products with a price between $10 and $20, or all products with a stock level between 5 and 10.

Here are some examples of how you can use range filters to bulk edit your products:

  • Update the prices of all products in a specific category.
  • Set a sale price for all products with a stock level below a certain threshold.
  • Mark all out-of-stock products as hidden.
  • And more!

Range filters are a powerful tool that can help you save time and improve your productivity.

Recurring Sales

Bulk Table Editor - previous sales

Bulk Table Editor makes it easy to set up and manage recurring sales. Each time you create a sale, the sales price is saved in a historical field. This means you can easily set up new sales with the previous sale prices, without having to manually enter them each time.

To set up a recurring sale, create a new sale and enter the sales price, start date, and end date. Then, check the “Recurring sale” checkbox. Bulk Table Editor will automatically save the sales price in the historical field for the product/variation.

When you’re ready to start the next sale, simply edit the previous sale and update the start and end dates. Bulk Table Editor will automatically update the sales price to the historical price.

This can save you a lot of time and hassle, especially if you have a lot of recurring sales.

Integration – WooCommerce Brands

Bulk Table Editor - Brands

The Bulk Table Editor’s new integration with WooCommerce Brands, offering advanced filtering and bulk updating capabilities, empowers store owners to leverage these benefits to their fullest, ensuring both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Here’s why updating brands in bulk is a game-changer for merchants:

  • Streamline Management: Instantly organize and update your product listings by brand, making inventory management a breeze.
  • Marketing Efficiency: Quickly adapt your promotions and visibility for different brands, enhancing your store’s marketing agility.
  • Save Time: Bulk actions mean fewer clicks and more time for strategy, helping you focus on growth rather than tedious updates.

Unlock the power of brands in your WooCommerce store with Bulk Table Editor.

Export Your Data with Ease

Bulk Table Editor - export file

In addition to its powerful bulk editing capabilities, Bulk Table Editor offers a convenient export function. With just a few clicks, you can export your product data as a .csv file. Whether you’re keeping backups, conducting in-depth analyses, our export feature simplifies the process, ensuring you have full control over your WooCommerce data.

Discover the efficiency and flexibility of Bulk Table Editor, where managing and exporting your store’s information is as effortless as the rest of our comprehensive toolset.



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