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Bundle Builder For WooCommerce

Bundle Builder for WooCommerce lets customers mix and match product items and create custom product bundles.

Give customers the ability to create custom product bundles

Customers can create custom product bundles with Bundle Builder for WooCommerce. Customers can mix and match products to create custom gift boxes. Instead of choosing from pre-packaged selections, Bundle Builder allows customers to bundle products based on their preferences, gift ideas, and themes.

Merchants can’t always anticipate what customers might want in a gift box, but they can delight shoppers with the ability to select custom groupings.

The extension empowers the user to select the box contents from various items and add them to their carts in bulk. Customers can select and view the products on a popup screen. They can also reset the grouped items on the popup screen.

Bundle Builder includes templates with various options to display columns. Merchants can also select the number of products to feature on each page.

Bundle Builder allows shop owners to retain control of how bundles are packaged. For instance, sellers can set restrictions on the minimum number of products required to create a bundle.

Sales and conversion optimization

The ability to create bundles gives your store new opportunities to increase its sales and conversion rates. Bulk buying becomes an option when you provide a simple method for your customers to create custom bundles.

Key Features

Customers can

  • Create custom gift boxes, or product bundles
  • Add messages in the cart for gifts

Shop owners can

  • Define bundle layouts
  • Allow users to create bundles in steps
  • Restrict the specific number of products shown on a page
  • Set bundles as optional, required, or a mix of both
  • Enable or disable bundle-building functionality
  • Add or restrict cart messages
  • Enable or disable scroll up when a product is added to the box
  • Add a custom product-box title
  • Define the  minimum number of products to be added to bundles
  • Track inventory automatically when items are added to bundles

Create customer options with Bundle Builder

The interface for Bundle Builder makes it easy to add bundling options with a few steps

  • Assign names to the price and view bundle labels
  • Select a pricing type such as regular, fixed, or varies with add-ons
  • Select the number of layout columns
  • Select where pricing will appear such as to the left, right, or below the products
  • Select the number of items shown per page
  • Enable or disable options additional options like allowing cart messages

bundle builder for wooommerce product edit page

Create bundles for specific product categories

Create rules for bundles in various product categories. Below, you can see the creation of a skin-care bundle in progress. The store owner will name the box, decide on the minimum number of products to include, and select specific products to include.

bundle builder for wooommerce bundle rules

Front-end view pre-designed layouts

Bundle layout option—pricing on the left side

bundle builder for woocommerce pricing rule left side

Bundle layout option—pricing on the right side

bundle builder for woocommerce pricing rule right sideBundle layout—pricing at the bottom


View items in a popup window

Increase or decrease bundle product quantities, add product items to the cart or reset the whole bundle.

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