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Buy Again for WooCommerce

Using Buy Again for WooCommerce your customers can quickly re-purchase the products which they had purchased earlier in your site.

Buy Again for WooCommerce allows your customers to quickly re-purchase the products they’ve bought from your shop in the past.

Why use Buy Again for WooCommerce?

In the native WooCommerce workflow, a customer who wants to re-purchase the products which they’ve bought earlier from your shop has a few options:

  • Search their past orders to identify the product
  • Search your shop page for the product.
  • Use the “Order Again” button.

The issue in using the existing options is that they are not very convenient. Also, the “Order-Again” button only allows the user to re-purchase the entire order, not individual products.

Buy Again for WooCommerce offers 2 convenient ways for the customer to re-purchase,

1. Buy Again Section

With Buy Again for WoCommerce, the plugin displays a “Buy Again” section in your customer’s My Account Page. This section displays all the products that have been bought by your customers previously.

Buy Again section on my account page

Your customer can add multiple products to the cart by using the “Add to Cart” button or purchase a particular product by using the “Buy Now” button.

2. Order Details Section

Apart from a separate “Buy Again” section in the My Account page, your customers can also purchase products from the order details section using the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons which are provided by Buy Again for WooCommerce.

Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons on Order Details page

You can also display a notice in the Single Product page along with the link to the order if the product has already been purchased by your customer.

Product previously purchased notice on product page


1. Separate section to display the products purchased by the users in the past

2. Separate page to display the Buy again products

3. Display Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons for products on Buy Again section and Order Details section.

4. Shortcode to display the Buy Again Table

5. Product previously purchased notice displayed on product pages

6. Option to display Buy Again Tag for products previously purchased by users on shop & product page.

7. An Option for the admin to display the order count in the Buy Again table

8. An Option for the admin to display the product description in the Buy Again Table

9. Filter options available to search the product based on product name, category & date

10. Option to display the Product Stock count in Buy Again Table

11. Option to display the product description in the Buy Again Table

12. Display Buy Again button in Orders page on My Account page

13. Added Buy Again in Widgets

14. Display last placed Order number of the product in Buy Again table

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