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Cart Sorting for WooCommerce

Add cart sorting options to your shop with the Cart Sorting for WooCommerce plugin.

Add Cart Sorting Options to Your Shop

Online customers use carts to shop, window shop, and sometimes to save items for later. They may have so many items in their carts, that they get confused.

The Cart Sorting for WooCommerce plugin helps customers sort items in their carts. It also helps shop owners sort items on their copies of orders to fulfill.

Customers can search their carts for a particular product or sort their carts by:

  • Product names (alphabetically)
  • Prices
  • Quantities

Sorting can help a customer find items in their carts, compare prices, and make sure they have everything they need. For instance, a shopper buying school supplies might want to compare items in their cart to a teacher’s list. Or a gift shopper might want to make sure they bought something for everyone on their holiday list.

Shop owners can sort order records by:

  • Product categories
  • SKUs (stock keeping units)

Sorting items on purchased orders can help shop owners fill orders faster. In most cases, shop inventories are arranged by product categories or product SKUs. So, filling orders will be more efficient if owners group ordered products like they are in physical inventory. A shop owner can set a default order-sorting method or customize it each time.

Improve your customer’s shopping experience and fill and ship their orders faster with Cart Sorting for WooCommerce.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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