Cart2Cart: Migration to WooCommerce

Do you want to migrate to WooCommerce along with all current ecommerce data? Cart2Cart will move your store info from 85+ ecommerce platforms to WooCommerce in a few simple steps, saving your time and budget. All it takes is a quick 5-minute setup!

What data can be imported to WooCommerce with Cart2Cart?

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Images
  • Tags
  • Product variants
  • Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Orders
  • Coupons
  • Reviews
  • Multiple languages
  • Multistore
  • Taxes
  • Passwords
  • And other data types*

Additional migration options include: 

  • Migrating categories and products SEO URLs
  • 301 redirects to WooCommerce store after migration
  • Preserved order IDs on WooCommerce store
  • Strip HTML from the category, product names, and descriptions
  • Migrating images from products, categories and blog posts descriptions



How to Migrate to WooCommerce with Cart2Cart?


  1. Make sure you have your WooCommerce installed and available online.
  2. Specify your Source and Target platforms – Choose the shopping cart you want to migrate the data from (a Source Cart) and set WooCommerce as a Target Cart. Then, provide their URLs.
  3. Select the data you want to import into WooCommerce and the desired options – From the list of data entities, select the ones to be transferred to WooCommerce along with the necessary extra migration options (like 301 redirects or SEO URLs migration.
  4. Run a free demo – It’s a test migration that allows moving a limited number of products and related entities to check the accuracy of data migration (make sure you check the backend for the transferred data as well).


Cart2Cart WooCommerce Migration is free to set up and offers 2 migration options:

  1. Demo Migration (free) — moves a limited number of entities (10 products, customers and orders) to your live WooCommerce store in under 30 minutes to demonstrate how it works for your stores.
  2. Full Migration (paid) — allows you to perform the migration of ALL your products, orders, customers, categories, and other related data to WooCommerce. The migration price starts from $29 and varies depending on the volume of the data to transfer and the additional options you select. 


Benefits of migrating to WooCommerce with Cart2Cart

  • 24/7 live support  – Get phone, chat or ticket assistance at every step of your migration setup
  • Effortless 4-step migration  – No tech skills or database manipulations needed, simply follow the step-by-step setup in the Migration Wizard 
  • 5-minute setup – or less, if you’ve got all the store access details at hand.
  • Really fast transfer–Cart2Cart provides an unprecedented data transfer speed. For instance, the migration of 5,000 data entities will take around 1 hour (but imagine, how many hours of manual migration it can save you)
  • 100% uptime for your current store – You can keep selling during the migration, it won’t affect your Source store.
  • Pay for what you migrate – The total migration cost is flexible and depends on the amount of data you want to move to WooCommerce plus the additional options you select.
  • Try before you buy – run unlimited Demo migrations totally free, and get to see how your data will look on WooCommerce. No risk, no credit card required. 

So, your dream WooCommerce store is a migration away. Go ahead and start your free Demo now!


Please note: Third party extensions are not covered under our Support Policy.

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