Cart2Cart for WooCommerce

Transfer your products, customers, orders, and other related entities to WooCommerce with the most advanced and trusted migration solution. No technical skills or software is needed.

Cart2Cart: Universal WooCommerce Migration

Cart2Cart: Universal WooCommerce Migration extension is the 1st tool of this kind that appeared on the market yet in 2009. It transfers the store data, like products, customers, orders, etc., to WooCommerce in a fully automated way without the downtime of the current store. Having performed thousands of WooCommerce migrations, Cart2Cart has proved itself the most advanced and trusted solution.  


How to Migrate to WooCommerce In 3 Steps?

  1. Specify your Source and Target platform.
  2. Select the data you want to transfer to WooCommerce and the extra options
  3. Run a free Demo migration (optional) or launch Full Migration


Cart2Cart: Universal WooCommerce Migration extension is free to set up and offers 2 migration options:

Demo Migration (free) — moves a limited number of entities (10 products, customers, and orders) to your live WooCommerce store in under 30 minutes to demonstrate how it works for your stores.
Full Migration (paid) — allows you to perform the migration of ALL your products, orders, customers, categories, and other related data to WooCommerce.

Pros & Cons of Switching to WooCommerce with Cart2Cart:

Migrating to WooCommerce via the Universal Migration extension by Cart2Cart can help you to:

  • Decrease migration cost. The extension allows to switch platforms without hiring additional staff, and therefore spending huge financial expenses.
  • Avoid putting your business on hold. It takes several minutes to set up the migration and several hours to finish the whole database transfer to WooCommerce.
  • Reduce migration time. Automation allows reducing the time required for data transfer to WooCommerce.
  • Minimize the risk of errors. Automating thousands of transfer-related issues reduces the possible human errors and frees up your time to focus on business running instead of the migration hassle.

Despite all the benefits associated with the Cart2Cart migration tool, there are still some limitations. For example, the design and 3rd-party apps migration are impossible using an automated tool. Though, Cart2Cart clients can either use new themes and templates or recreate the original store appearance with the help of a developer.

How Much Does It Cost to Migrate via the Universal WooCommerce Migration Service by Cart2Cart?

The Full Migration minimum charge starts at $29. The final price depends on the number of entities you choose to migrate to WooCommerce and the extra options. You can use the Cart2Cart Migration Estimator to calculate the exact cost of your specific migration case.

Note that with Cart2Cart, you won’t be charged until you’re happy with the Demo migration outcome.

Data you can move with Cart2Cart:

  • Products, customers, orders, 
  • Images, tags, product variants,
  • Categories, manufacturers, coupons, 
  • Reviews, taxes, passwords, 
  • Multiple languages, multistore,
  • And other data types*

Additional migration options to expand your migration possibilities: 

  • Migrate categories and products’ SEO URLs to WooCommerce
  • Create 301 redirects to the WooCommerce store after migration
  • Preserve order IDs on the WooCommerce store
  • Migrate images from products, categories, and blog posts descriptions

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WooCommerce migration with Cart2Cart. FAQs

Can I migrate metadata to WooCommerce?

Yes, the Cart2Cart migration tool supports metadata migration to WooCommerce. In order to do that, you only have to install a free WordPress SEO Plugin before migration.

Will my customer passwords be transferred during the WooCommerce migration?

Yes, Cart2Cart can migrate passwords from Magento to WooCommerce, provided that the store has default settings and no custom code modifications are included. 

Does the Cart2Cart migration solution support SEO migration?

To migrate your SEO rankings to WooCommerce, take advantage of the Migrate categories and products SEO URLs additional option. 

Are reviews rating transfer available with Cart2Cart?

Yes, your review ratings will be transferred to WooCommerce together with reviews.

Can I migrate my credit card information?

Yes. Cart2Cart store migration app supports the users’ credit card data transfer to WooCommerce, in case customers provided such data. Billing and shipping addresses’ information will be moved successfully too.

How to migrate manufacturers to WooCommerce?

To enable the migration of manufacturers to your new WooCommerce store, you should install the WooCommerce Brands plugin (it’s paid). 

Can I migrate taxes to WooCommerce?

Yes, but after migration to WooCommerce, taxes will be already included in product prices.

Please note: Third-party extensions are not covered under our Support Policy.

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