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Recover abandoned carts and increase sales with the CartPulse extension for WooCommerce.    

Tired of Abandoned Carts? It’s Time to Recover Them and Increase Sales!

Cart abandonment is one of the most common occurrences in online businesses. Studies show that about 70% of your potential customers do not complete their purchases, which adds up to almost $18 billion lost revenue.

This is where CartPulse comes to the rescue. CartPulse ensures you identify lost sales due to cart abandonment and nurture them to the endpoint to make the purchase.

How The CartPulse Plugin Works

When you enable CartPulse on your site, you can instantly start tracking all the carts activities to your site. You can monitor your users’ behaviour with the cart simply from the dashboard.

If a site visitor adds something to their cart but doesn’t purchase it within a certain time period, CartPulse will automatically trigger a customizable recovery email campaign to bring back those lost customers.

Here is an example of a fail-proof email series:

  • First email: Sent 60 minutes after the customer abandoned the cart, nudging them to complete the purchase.
  • Second email: Sent 12 hours after the cart abandonment asking for feedback.
  • Third email: Sent a day after. This time, you can include a coupon code (PRO), providing discounts or free shipping to complete their purchase.

All Features of CartPulse – The Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin

With thoughtful and well-planned features, CartPulse can be a powerful weapon for your WooCommerce online business.

Track and Monitor All Carts

Enable cart tracking from your WordPress backend with CartPulse to –

  • Monitor all carts with items saved
  • Notify admin of cart abandonment
  • Set the time to identify abandoned carts
  • Notify Admin of recovered carts
  • Disable cart tracking for admin, editors, and other roles (PRO)
  • Time after which abandoned carts are removed (PRO)

A Complete Dashboard with Detailed Reports

Knowing what’s happening with your shopping carts in your WooCommerce store is important for your business. Details matter. Which is why CartPulse’s accurate and in-depth data is incredibly helpful!

  • Powerful analytics providing cart abandoned time, cart recovered, recovery rate, revenue, and many more.
  • Get a graphic analysis of your Abandoned Cart vs Recovered Cart data with a date filter.
  • Cart Overview report data with date filter.
  • Cart Details – Recovery URLs, Conversions, Deleting Carts, History, Customer info (PRO)

Automate Email Campaigns for Shopping Cart Recovery

Create an automated cart recovery email campaign within minutes. Set up and review the emails, and let CartPulse do the rest of the automation.

  • Get proven & customizable email templates for your shopping cart recovery campaign
  • Email templates can be modified from WooCommerce Email templates
  • Customizable Email Settings – From, To, Reply-to Address
  • Create Dynamic Email Templates for Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Email Templates are customizable with Gutenberg Block Editor with Drag-and-Drop Feature
  • Send test emails or preview them to see it from the customer view.
  • Promotional Email Templates with Coupon addition system (PRO)
  • Email Stat – Open Rate, Click Rate, Previous Email Sent, Conversions (PRO)
  • Date-wise Email Statistics Filter (PRO)
  • Manual Email Campaign for Cart Recovery (PRO)

Convert More Customers Using Coupons

High pricing can be one of the reasons your visitors hesitate to complete their purchase. Convert these hesitant customers by giving them coupons as incentives.

  • Provide special discounts with Automatically Generated Unique Coupons to your abandoned cart users (PRO)
  • Auto generate unique coupons for each returning customer (PRO)
  • Set coupons for Free Shipping, Individual Discounts, and more conditions (PRO)
  • Auto deletion after use to prevent any fraudulent use. Create additional urgency by setting the coupon expiration time (PRO)

Turning Guest Users Into Leads

You might not have the data of all the visitors to your site. But you can use CartPulse to find potential customers and collect their email addresses!

  • Enable guests to add carts.
  • Compliant with GDPR rule. You can show a GDPR notice when asking for guest user email addresses. 
  • Enable email popup for guest users- exit intent & inactive trigger (PRO)

Boost your profit & uplift your business with the best WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery plugin! 


Minimum PHP version: 7.0


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