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Checkout Enhancer for WooCommerce

Create conversion-optimized Checkout pages with the Checkout Enhancer for WooCommerce plugin.

Enhance and Improve the Checkout Experience

The Checkout Enhancer for WooCommerce plugin enhances your user’s checkout experience and increases your conversion rate by adding intuitive features to the core WooCommerce checkout.

Reduce cart abandonment

When you offer a distraction-free checkout experience, the chances of cart abandonment decrease.

Increase user convenience

Customers will be able to more easily fill in required fields, review their cart contents, and place their orders.


Multi-step checkout process

Checkout Enhancer for WooCommerce replaces the native checkout page with a three-step checkout form. This helps shoppers focus on one step at a time to avoid confusion.

Multi-Step Checkout Page

Automatic account lookup and account linking

  • Automatically identifies associated accounts based on email IDs and suggests users login for a better user experience.
  • Assigns orders placed by guest users to their accounts if they have one associated with an email ID.

Account lookup

Address auto-completion and validation

Includes Google Address Auto-Complete Integration for your users to easily enter their addresses and validate incorrect addresses.

Review orders before placing them

Your users can review the following details before placing their orders from the Checkout page:

  • Cart items
  • Cart quantity
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address
  • Shipping method
  • Payment method

Review order

Sales trigger

Create and display sales triggers on the checkout page and encourage shoppers to confidently purchase from your shop.

Sales Trigger

Live editor for configuration

View a live preview of the changes you make to the checkout page, as you make them, using the Checkout Enhancer editor.

Live editor for customization

Built-in templates

Three Built-in checkout page templates are included with the plugin.

Template one

Template two

Template three

Plugin compatibility

Checkout Enhancer for WooCommerce is compatible with the following plugins:

  • Wallet for WooCommerce
  • Gift Cards Pro for WooCommerce
  • Delivery Slots for WooCommerce
  • Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce

Create conversion-optimized checkout pages with the Checkout Enhancer for WooCommerce plugin.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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