Collab Cart for WooCommerce

The Collab Cart for WooCommerce plugin enables users to participate in a group collaborative purchase.

Allow Shoppers to Add Products to a Shared Cart

WooCommerce allows a single cart per user. With the Collab Cart for WooCommerce plugin, users can create a collaborative cart experience, independent of the native WooCommerce Cart. They can add products to the collaborative cart (we call it the Collab Cart) and invite other registered users to add their products. When invited users add items, the cart creator can purchase items for the whole group.

How it works

  • Users can create a collaborative cart and invite other users to add to or edit the cart.
  • An Invite Others button opens a new UX that enables inviting users by email and naming of the shared cart. Users can create and name multiple carts.
  • Invited users need to create an account on the WooCommerce store or log in if they have an existing account.
  • The plugin sends transactional emails to invited users.
  • The plugin also sends transactional emails to cart creators when carts are edited by any of the invited users.
  • The cart creator is the only user able to approve cart contents, checkout, and select a delivery address; this allows shoppers to only pay one shipping fee and store owners to avoid additional logistics and costs shipping multiple packages.


Collab Cart for WooCommerce can increase sales volume by encouraging a group of users to add items to a single cart.

Collab Cart for WooCommerce is great for groups who buy physical products together. For example, friends who buy together and gather to distribute their purchases, coworkers, or families buying group gifts.

Empower your users to collaborate on group buying with the Collab Cart for WooCommerce plugin.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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