Company Credit by Aheadworks

Company Credit offers credit to encourage customers to speed up and increase the amount of their spending.

Offer Customers Credit

Encourage sales by offering credit to the customers you trust. The Company Credit plugin is an enhanced credit payments management system that allows you to set credit limits for customers.

  • Specify credit limits for customers
  • Offer credit as a payment method on the front- and back ends
  • Manage overdue credit payments
  • Hassle-free currency conversion
  • Set automatic email notifications on credit operations

Increase revenue

Offer credit to encourage customers to buy without hesitation and increase their spending. The Company Credit plugin lowers the potential risks of offering credit. It accesses accurate consumer credit histories and enables updates to limits and balances. Selling on credit demonstrates the stability of your business and helps you stand out in comparison with other stores.

How does the Company Credit plugin work?

  • Payment on credit at checkout: Configure the Credit Payment to feature as a payment method available at the checkout for customers.

  • Trusted customers: Enable and specify a credit limit for selected customers. Customers can view their credit balances and transactions in a designated tab on the My Account page.

  • Credit data: Track the history of payments, study customers’ current credit balances, and make appropriate adjustments to statuses and figures.


  • Email reminders: Notify shoppers of changes to their credit balance via email. Use one of two templates: credit balance updates and changes in the amount of credit limits.


Credit configuration

  • Credit as a payment method
  • Credit limits
  • Customer specification for credit payments
  • Customer credit-limit specifications

Credit management

  • Track customer credit usage on the backend
  • Track a customer’s overall credit history with a backend grid
  • Update credit balances on the backend
  • Currency conversion
  • Comments on updates
  • Automatic email reminders on updates to a credit balance
  • Automatic email reminders on changes in a credit limit
  • Currency Selector on the Credit Limit tab in Customer Profiles

On the frontend

  • Show credit limits in the currency of customers
  • Take credit payments at checkout
  • Customers can access their credit limit tab on the My Account page
  • Credit payment transactions on the frontend

Install the Company Credit plugin, offer credit to encourage customers to buy without hesitation, and increase their spending


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

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