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Cost of Goods Sold for WooCommerce

Track and monitor the costs and profits of your products with the customizable Cost of Goods Sold for WooCommerce extension.

Track Product Costs and Profits

Would you like to track and monitor costs and profits for all your products? The Cost of Goods Sold for WooCommerce extension adds this capability to your store’s reports. With Cost of Goods Sold for WooCommerce, store owners can evaluate their products’ profit margins and make informed pricing and marketing decisions. It also provides reports sorted by product categories.

Cost of Goods Sold for WooCommerce is simple to install and set up. You can add costs for products individually, by a percentage calculation, or by adding costs in bulk with a CSV file.


  • Add product costs to track your profit margin
  • Add costs from product pages or in bulk using global rules and a CSV file import
  • Detailed stock and sales report with profit margins
  • Apply costs to existing orders to create detailed reports
  • Customize report columns and margin settings
  • Display cost and profits on the default WooCommerce orders grid
  • Show costs on the products listing grid

Display cost and profits on the order page

Once the extension is installed and you configure costs, you can see the cost and profit column on your orders list page. With access to real-time cost and profit calculations, you can make timely adjustments to your product offerings.

Sales and profit report

The Cost of Goods Sold for WooCommerce extension provides a detailed sales report showing merchants the actual profit they earn during specific time periods.  The report shows current costs, per sale and total profits for the selected period. You can also filter reports by specific products and categories.

Stock and potential profit report

Using the stock report, you can analyze the total stock value, potential costs, and profits in your local currency. Just like the sales report, you can see a complete stock report or a report filtered by specific products and categories.

Add costs from product pages

You can add the costs of each product individually from product edit sheets. Manual data entry is an easy choice if you have a small catalog. You can maintain everything from the product page. You can also lock product costs to avoid overriding them through CSV import or global rules.

Import costs using a CSV file

You can choose to bulk import product costs using a pre-defined CSV file. The bulk import helps merchants to add costs to thousands of products with a single CSV import.

Add costs using global rules

You can create multiple rules to add different costs to different products and categories. You can add costs in fixed amounts or as a percentage of the existing product prices.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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