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Build urgency with a countdown timer and achieve higher conversions

Creating a sense of urgency can increase conversions on your site by more than 300%. Using a countdown timer is an effective way of encouraging your customers to buy products “before it’s too late.” POWR’s Countdown Timer has several ready-made templates to help get you started. Read on to learn more about them!

Count to Date: Promote an upcoming event

Use the Countdown to Date or Countdown Time template to generate excitement around an upcoming event or product launch. You can customize your display so that it shows days, hours, minutes, and seconds, for example, or only hours and minutes.

Countdown Time Per Visitor: Encourage customers to check out

With the Countdown Time Per Visitor template, you can show your customers that an offer is available for, say, 10 minutes. The timer resets with each new visitor and remembers them, so if a visitor returns to your site later, they’ll see the time they have remaining on the offer.

Count Up Number: Show approximated business metrics

The Count Up Number template is a great way to display proof of your site’s success. Let’s say you make one sale per second on average: You can set the Count Up Number to reflect that statistic, and your visitors can watch in real time as your sales grow. A dynamic display of your business metrics is sure to catch any customer’s eye.

All the highlights

  • Display the remaining years, days, hours, and minutes on a special deal or sale event.
  • Count down to a future date to generate excitement around an event, such as an end-of-season sale or a new collection launch.
  • Count down to a specific number or up from a past date.
  • Add custom text and a button to your counter to offer coupon codes to customers or redirect them to an event’s landing page.
  • Set up a countdown to repeat automatically, so you never have to do it again.
  • Customize a timer for each new visitor.
  • Add a counter or timer to any product, featured product, or page on your site.
  • Use custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, and animations.
  • Plus: POWR Countdown Timer supports text in any language, is mobile responsive on any device, and offers instant access to 60+ other apps, such as POWR Social Feed for fresh content on your site and POWR Popup for stellar landing page conversion.


WooCommerce exclusive pricing gives you access to all Starter features for one year. To access Pro or Business features, monthly or yearly upgrades are available on POWR.

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