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Countdown Timer Banner

by  POWR
Get more sales with a custom POWR Countdown Timer banner and create urgency while shoppers decide if they should buy. Create in minutes—no coding required.  

Countdown Timer Use Cases

  • Show time remaining on special deals or sales events to build urgency.
  • Get people excited for end-of-season sales or the launch of new products.
  • Promote an upcoming product release

Countdown Timer Key Features

  • Personalize your countdown timer banner with custom text and buttons to promote discounts.
  • Set automatic countdowns and personalized timers for each new visitor.
  • Add timers to products, featured items, or any page on your site.
  • Customize with fonts, colors, backgrounds, and animations.


Build urgency with a countdown timer banner and get higher conversions

Creating urgency can boost your site’s sales by over 300%. A countdown timer banner will help shoppers buy before it’s too late. The POWR Countdown Timer has dozens of ready-made templates to get you started, so you can get your timer on your website quickly. No coding or web developers are needed!

Countdown Timer Templates

  • Count to Date: Promote an event or new product release that is coming soon to build up suspense.
  • Countdown Time Per Visitor: Get quicker actions with offers that are only available for a short time.
  • Count Up Number: Show your real-time visitor count because new site visitors love popular products.

Have questions before you buy? POWR has Unmatched Support

Need assistance or have questions? Our Help Center and 24/7 support team are ready to guide you through any questions or setup assistance.

With over 18 million installs and 20,000+ 5-star reviews, our commitment to our customers is unquestioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put a countdown timer on my website?

Putting a countdown timer on your website by yourself would take either extensive coding knowledge or hiring an expensive web developer.

But not with POWR! You can add a customized and well-functioning countdown timer on your website in 5 minutes.

You can design it how you want, then automatically add it to your site or share it with others from the editor.

Can I create a custom countdown timer?

You can create a custom countdown timer with POWR’s free countdown timer app. Customize it exactly the way you want, playing with colors, fonts, and styles–you don’t need to know any code to do it!

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