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Custom Product Tabs Manager

Add extra product tabs to display additional information about product like warranty, use cases, videos and more. Edit and manage your default product tabs.

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Manager enables you to add additional custom tabs to your product pages. Organize important information about your products’ features, warranty, policy, uses cases, videos, size charts, and other details in multiple professional-looking tabs.

Create unlimited tabs and assign each tab to specific products, categories, customers, and user roles. With the editor functionality, you can add videos, text, FAQs, and any other type of content in custom tabs.

Customize tabs sorting order and choose to enable/disable default WooCommerce tabs. Below is the detailed feature list of product tabs managers,

Features of WooCommerce Product Tabs:

  • Create unlimited extra product tabs
  • Add tabs from product level or using global rules
  • Assign tabs to specific products, categories, product-tags
  • Add any type of content in tabs using editor
  • Ability to add contact7 form in tags to let customer send inquiries
  • Restrict tab display by individual customers and user roles
  • Customize tab background image, text color, and icon
  • Option to disable default tabs and customize their text
  • Sort custom and default tabs as per your requirements

Add tabs using global rules:

Using the Global rules, you can create multiple tabs and attach them to specific products, categories, user roles and individual customers.

While creating a global tab you can customize the following settings:

  • Enable tab and add its title
  • Select tab type (editor/contact7form)
  • Add any type of content using editor like images, videos, text and more
  • Assign tab to specific user roles
  • Assign tab to specific customers
  • Display tab on all products or specific
    • Products
    • Product categories
    • Product tags
  • Customize a tab style by adding
    • A tab icon
    • A background image
    • A text color

Add tabs from product level:

Instead of adding tabs from Global rules, you can add tabs directly from product edit sheet as well. These tabs will display only on the selected product page. You can add multiple tabs and customize following options,

  • Add unlimited tabs
  • Select tab type (editor/contact7form)
  • Add any type of content using editor like images, videos, text and more
  • Assign tab to specific user roles and customers
  • Customize a tab icon, background and text color
  • Disable default tabs for selected product
  • Customize sorting order for selected product

Manage default product tabs

WooCommerce comes with 3 standard default tabs which includes Description, Reviews & Additional Information. From extension general settings, you can enable/disable WooCommerce default tabs for entire store and customize their labels. You can choose to enable/disable default tabs on product level as well.

Tabs sorting

Using Global sorting you can drag and drop to sort default and custom product tabs under WooCommerce > Custom Product Tab > Tab Sorting.

You can also customize tabs sorting from product level which overrides the global sorting.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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