Custom Start Date for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Get your subscriptions to start at a later date either chosen by you or by your customers

Customize Subscription Start Dates

Ever wanted to sell a subscription but also wanted to book it for a later start? Now you can!

Choose a start date or allow your customers to choose their own with the Custom Start Date for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Set specific start dates

Set up a specific date to start all subscriptions or just one product. You can get your payments in advance and start subscriptions when you want.


What it looks like in the product page:


Setup a fixed delay period

Need a cooling-off period or some preparation time before starting a subscription? Set up a delay in days, weeks, or months between the first payment and the start of the subscription.

What it looks like in the product page:

Let your customers choose a specific date to start their subscriptions

Want to let your customer choose the exact day they want to start the subscription? You can do it with this plugin. Your customers can book their subscription anytime and start it when they are ready.

What it looks like in the product page:

Cart & Checkout

Your customers will see the future start date and updated renewal date in their cart and checkout

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How it works

  1. Set up a custom date in the product options or offer your customer the option to choose a start date.
  2. Upon checkout the subscription is created and scheduled to start at the custom date setup. Your customer will not be active or have access to any of your services until the start date.
  3. The subscription will start on the selected start date set in the future and all the services will be available from this custom date.
  4. Future payments will automatically be scheduled in line with the custom start date.

Why do you need it?

  • Offer subscriptions as gifts for special occasions. Gift subscriptions can be bought ahead of time and will not start until the time of the gift giver’s choice.
  • Starts subscriptions at a fixed date. It is ideal for a situation like a course or a school term. Let students enroll all year long and align their tuition payments with the start of the term.
  • Offer a seasonal service or product for sale at any time of year. Subscriptions will not start until the special season. You can market them all year long and have customers secure their subscriptions in advance.


What happens between the purchase date and the start of the subscription?

The subscription is scheduled, the customer will not have access to any product or services available to active members/subscribers until the start date. Then the subscription will be activated automatically.

Can the payment be taken on the start date?

Yes. You have the choice to take the payment for the first period and shipping either on checkout or on the start date. The sign up fees are billed on checkout.

Can a customer buy several subscriptions with different start dates?

Yes. The plugin groups subscriptions based on their start dates and billing periods. Each product with different start dates will be considered as a single subscription and managed separately but they can be bought together in one checkout. However the initial order’s tatus (parent order) will have the status ‘processing’ from the earliest start date.

Can the start date be changed?

Yes, as long as the subscription has not started and has the status ‘Scheduled’ the admin/shop manager can change the start date. All the other dates (next payment, end of trial, expiration) will be recalculated based on that new date

Does it work with all subscriptions?

Our plugin allows you to set up custom start dates for simple and variable subscriptions created with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. We plan to expand it to work with more subscription plugins soon.

Does it work with product bundle?

Unfortunately our plugin is not compatible with product bundles. We plan to expand it to work with it in a future release.

Is it compatible with HPOS (High Performance Order Storage)?



Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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