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Datalayer for WooCommerce

The Data Layer is an object that makes available in real time the information that is executed by users while browsing the WooCommerce Store.

Track Customer Behavior In Real-Time

Organize, improve, and optimize your work using the Datalayer for WooCommerce extension.

Use Google Tag Manager to configure Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok Ads and any other digital marketing platform that requires a data layer.


  • Product impressions and product clicks
  • Product detail impressions
  • Products added or removed from carts
  • Start checkout, select shipping and select payment
  • Purchase and discount coupons usage and effectiveness
  • Issue manual refunds
  • Impressions and clicks of internal promotions
  • User logins


  • Digital marketers can capture user behavior to create data-based plans.
  • Easy activation of the Datalayer on your admin panel.
  • Quickly integrate GTM if you need to.
  • View real-time data about user behavior with access available in the Datalayer.


  • Along with the plugin, in the main folder, you’ll receive the import file from Google Tag Manager, with all possible tags, triggers, and variables ready to use.
  • With this information available, digital marketing tools, such as Analytics, Tag Manager, and Pixel Code, can, for example, be used to feed the base and thus provide data to improve the management of your store.
  • Google Tag Manager proposes a pattern followed by our plugin.
  • In addition, this object is available to any other marketing tool that needs to use this information.
  • We help you with the settings on the platforms if you have any difficulties.





Minimum PHP version: 7.2


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