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Offer Convenient Checkout Options

Direct Checkout Options Pro for WooCommerce comes with two main features: One-Click and Checkout-on-the-Same-Page. One-Click Checkout redirects customers directly to checkout by skipping the cart when they click the custom Buy Now button. Checkout-on-the-Same-Page allows customers to check out on the same page if they are on a shop page or a product page.

Merchants can also hide the default Add-to-Cart button if they don’t want this button. The Direct Checkout Options Pro For WooCommerce plugin displays the customizable Buy Now button on shop and product pages. You can set padding, margins, and the radius as well.


  • Offers two options for direct checkout: One-Click & Same page
  • One-Click skips the cart and redirects users to the checkout page
  • Same-Page checkout displays the checkout-on-the-same-page option
  • Option to apply each checkout option to specific products, categories, or whole shop
  • Remove Unnecessary Fields from Checkout Page
  • Enables Buy Now button on shop and product pages
  • Customize the Buy Now button such as text, color, radius, etc.
  • Hide the default add-to-cart button from shop and product pages

Offer One-Click checkout

The One-Click checkout option takes customers directly to the checkout page from the shop and product pages. When customers click the Buy Now button, it redirects them to the checkout page by skipping the cart.

WooCommerce direct checkout

Same Page checkout

The Same-Page checkout option displays checkout-on-the-same-page on shop or product pages.

Same Page Checkout from Product Page:

WooCommerce Direct checkout

Same Page Checkout from Shop Page:

WooCommerce direct checkout

Remove Checkout Fields

You can also remove unnecessary fields from checkout page to make checkout process easy for your customers.

WooCommerce direct checkout plugin

Hide Add-to-Cart button

You have the option to hide the Add-to-Cart button from shop and product pages.

WooCommerce Direct checkout


You can apply each direct checkout option to specific products, categories, or whole shop.

WooCommerce direct checkout pro options

Customize Buy Now button

You can customize the Buy Now button such as text, text color, background color, padding, etc.

WooCommerce direct checkout pro options



  • Make the checkout process easy and quick.
  • Help to reduce your abandoned cart percentage.
  • Improves the checkout experience of customers.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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