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Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Developed by FantasticPlugins
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Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Developed by FantasticPlugins

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions adds new features to WooCommerce Subscriptions such as updating prices for existing users, a cancel delay, preventing cancel before specific days of renewal, auto-renewal reminder, expiry reminders, manual renewal reminder and separate shipping cycle for subscriptions.

Benefits of Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions

1. Additional Site Revenue

Subscription Price for Existing(Old) Subscriptions ensures existing subscribers pay the current subscription price at renewal. If the price has gone up, the increased price offers additional revenue for the site.

2. Additional Control over Subscription Cancellation

The Subscription Cancel Delay feature allows you to customize the date customers may start cancelling their subscriptions once they’ve subscribed. This prevents users from cancelling their subscription just before first renewal to take advantage of subscription pricing.

3. Improve Subscription Renewal Success

Auto-Renewal Reminder emails alert users to their subscription renewal due date well in advance, so that customers can ensure their payment method has sufficient funds, leading to more successful subscription renewals.


1. Update Subscription Price for Existing(Old) Subscriptions

Given the default behavior of WooCommerce Subscriptions, any price change will appear for new subscription orders. Existing subscribers will continue to pay the previous price until they cancel their subscription or it expires. This feature ensures existing subscribers pay the current subscription price.

Here’s how it works

Let’s say a customer purchased a subscription for $10 per month. Now, the site admin updates the price to $15 per month for new users. If you choose to have existing subscribers pay the latest price, all the existing subscribers will be notified by email about the price change, which will apply to their next renewal.

2. Allow Cancelling After Specific Number of Days of Subscription Start Date

In WooCommerce Subscriptions, users can cancel their subscription whenever they want — even  immediately after receiving the order. This can often be a loss for your business because users generally subscribe to a product to get an up-front discount by paying the subscription price compared vs. the one-time purchase price. When the product is due for renewal, they simply cancel the subscription and purchase whenever they need the product again. Using Subscription Cancel Delay feature, you can prevent your users from cancelling their subscription for a fixed duration that you customize.

The cancel button appears once the subscription’s cancellation waiting period has expired.


3. Prevent Cancelling Before Specific Days of Renewal

In WooCommerce Subscriptions, users can cancel their subscription whenever they want. Users can even cancel the subscriptions a few minutes before subscription renewal. This can often be a loss for the site admin and inconvenience because generally, the products would have been shipped/in the process of being shipped.

Preventing users from cancelling their subscriptions during renewals can prevent unwanted inconvenience and losses. Once configured, the users can cancel their subscriptions till the threshold date for cancelling subscriptions. Once the threshold date is reached, the user cannot cancel their subscription during that renewal. The subscription can be cancelled only during the next renewal. The process repeats all over again.

4. Auto Renewal Reminder

For Automatic Renewals with WooCommerce Subscriptions, the charge is attempted on the due date. If the attempt is successful, the user will be charged and the subscription will be renewed. If not, the subscription charging will be re-attempted.

By default, users are not notified about their renewal. Because of that, some users might forget to add funds to their payment source, and the renewal fails. You can customize the date you send the auto-renewal reminder to improve renewal success.


5. Subscription Expiry Reminder

In WooCommerce Subscriptions, when your users’ limited-duration subscription is about to expire, the user is not notified in advance. Users will be unaware that the subscription has expired or is about to expire. You can customize the date on which you send the auto-renewal reminder to alert customers to the subscription expiry and encourage them to renew it.

Based on the configuration, this email will be sent to the customer regarding their subscription expiry


6. Manual Renewal Reminder Email

In WooCommerce Subscriptions, users who subscribe to manually renewing subscriptions will not be notified in advance about their subscription renewal. The users will be notified via email only after the subscription renewal date. This can cause an inconvenience to the users because their subscriptions will be put on hold once the subscription renewal date is reached. The Subscription will become active only after the renewal payment.

If the users had been notified in advanced about their subscription renewal, they can make their renewal payment before renewal date which can prevent the manually renewing subscription from being put on hold for every renewal.

7. Separate Shipping Cycle for Subscriptions

In WooCommerce Subscriptions, if multiple shipping has to be processed for each renewal of the subscription, then admin has to manually track and manually process it. It is not possible to set separate shipping cycle for subscriptions.

Using Separate Shipping Cycle feature, it is possible to set different shipping cycle for subscriptions. Separate shipping cycle can be configured directly for each subscription product. Users will be notified by email when their shipping cycle order is processed.

8. Preview Subscription Emails

In WooCommerce Subscriptions, if you want to view how subscription-related emails look like after making changes to the look and feel of the email templates, then you will have to place an actual subscription order or perform the desired subscription related action to view the changes.

Using Preview Subscription Emails feature, you can preview the changes made to the subscription emails instantaneously by just inputting a previously placed subscription order id or/and a subscription id.


Some email templates require either an order id or a subscription id or both.

9. Limit Subscription Trial

In WooCommerce Subscriptions, if Trial is configured for a product, then the customers can use the Trial any number of times which will be a loss for the site admin. Hence, by using the Limit Subscription Trial feature, you can restrict the customers to use the Trial of a product only once.

10. Limit Subscription in Variant Level

In WooCommerce Subscriptions, if the Subscription purchase is limited to one and if a customer purchases one of the variations of a variable product, then the customer can’t purchase any other variation of the product. Using Limit Subscription in Variant Level feature, you can limit the subscription at a variant level so that customer can purchase other variations as well.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6
Plugins: WooCommerce Subscriptions

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions helps you to have more control and earn more revenue from the subscriptions offered on your site.

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