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FAQs Manager for WooCommerce

Add FAQs and display them product pages and a separate store FAQs page. Allow customers ask questions!

Add Store FAQs and Product FAQs

FAQs Manager for WooCommerce enables you to add FAQs and display them on relevant products and dedicated store FAQs pages. Build a knowledge base to address frequently asked questions and boost your conversion rate.

Allow customers to ask a question by submitting an “ask a question” form. The admin can review, answer the question and display it as a FAQ on relevant product pages. Enable email notifications for customers and admins. Send notifications when users submit questions and admins answer.

Create multiple FAQ categories to address refunds, payment, shipping, privacy, and other store-related questions on separate FAQ pages. Choose from multiple page layout options and show FAQs in according or list view.

The option to restrict FAQs by user roles enables you to address B2B-related FAQs on the same page and only display them to B2B customers.

Features of FAQs Manager for WooCommerce

  • Display FAQs on product pages
  • Create a dedicated page using shortcode for store-related FAQs
  • Allow customers to ask questions
  • Customize button labels and text
  • Smart FAQ submission form for registered users
  • Manage FAQ-visibility by user roles
  • Email notifications for admins and customers
  • Create FAQs categories and tags for easy navigation
  • Display FAQs in accordion and list view
  • Allow customers to submit feedback to your answer
  • Allow customers to make their questions private
  • Add FAQs from the backoffice and assign them to relevant products and categories
  • Multiple layout options for FAQ pages
  • Display product FAQs in a tab, after related products, or before tabs
  • Creates a dedicated page for each FAQ for SEO purposes
  • Automatically add read more buttons to keep your layout intact

Add FAQs to Product Pages

With FAQs Manager for WooCommerce, you can add product-related FAQs and display them on specific product pages. Choose to display FAQs in tabs, after related products, or before tabs.

Add Separate Store FAQs Page:

Create a store FAQs page by using a short-code to display answers to store-related questions. Add multiple categories to divide FAQs into different topics for easy navigation. Choose from single, two, or three-column layouts for FAQ pages and show FAQs in list or accordion view.

Ask a Question

You can add a customizable “Ask a Question” on products and store FAQ pages to let customers submit questions. Only registered customers can submit questions.


Adding FAQs from Backoffice

FAQs Manager for WooCommerce enables you to manually add FAQs from backoffice and assign them to relevant products, FAQ categories and user roles. By using editor, you can answer the questions in detail with images, videos and links. The feedback count shows how relevant the answer is and allows you to improve the FAQs with bad feedback.

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