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Floating Sticky Cart for WooCommerce

Easily add a floating shopping cart and significantly increase your conversion rate. Provide handy quick access to added products in the shopping cart. Customize cart design with one click.

Floating Sticky Cart can dramatically increase sales in your online shop or store due to quick access to added products in the cart in the form of a sticky panel and which will allow you to get rid of a long and annoying checkout. The appearance of the panel and cart can be customized based on your preferences and aims in the extension settings.

A fairly easy-to-use tool, as you just need to select a product and it will be automatically added to the cart, it will nevertheless give an essential increase in the conversion rate of the whole online shop.

As all operations and actions with the selected products are carried out on one panel, which follows the customers throughout the website. This is very convenient, you can add as many products as you want to the cart and then pay for them all at once without having to click and go to a separate cart page. The panel can be minimized or collapsed at any time.

With this Floating Sticky Cart, your shoppers will be inspired to travel through your shop. Regardless of whether the client refreshed the page or went to another page on your website, all the finished actions will be saved and remained.

On top of that, your customers will be able to pick up upselling or cross-selling products as an alternative to the initial products, define shipping address, enter coupons for discounts, and pay for products using PayPal responsively.


Key Benefits

There are some awesome features in Floating Sticky Cart plugin, which makes it really handy and reliable.

  • Highly growing sales – As was mentioned, Floating Sticky Cart can dramatically boost the conversion sales rate by its nimble and agile work. Basically, the cart is accessible from anywhere, which will attract your customers. More customers, more sales, more profits.
  • Flexibility – Float menu smoothly follows the user no matter what page he is on. It can be easily collapsed and expanded if necessary by simply clicking on the cart icon. The icon itself can be completely customized to your liking.
  • Ajax technology – All actions in Floating Sticky Cart are performed with no page reloads or delays due to the complex work based on Ajax technology.
  • Full customization of all elements – All inner components of the extension can be changed and customized. No need to know the coding stuff.
  • Classy, contemporary and pleasant menu design – The menu itself looks very stylish and will organically fit into any website structure.


Main Features

  • PayPal Payments – This payment system is integrated directly into the menu. You do not have to go to a separate page for payment. All payment transactions can be made on any page by virtue of the sticky floating menu effect.

  • Cross-sells and up-sells – Offer your customers to buy a more expensive model of the same product by adding options or services to the purchased product. Or offer an alternative option for selling goods from other categories than the one originally selected by the user, i.e. primarily the sale of related products. All these types of products are also displayed in one menu, which is really time-saving.

  • Shipping – Easily fill the delivery information up in all fields for the product shipment.

  • Coupons – Use the promo code in the appropriate field to get a price off or discounts on the product.

  • Notifications – Receive text notifications after every action. Whether you add a product, enter a coupon, paid for the product, all of them will be commented on in the menu above.

  • Fly to Cart Animation – An attractive smooth transition of the added product to the cart on the menu, which will make the whole process of exploring products captivating. By this brisk animation, you can be sure that the selected product has been added to the shopping cart.


What does the extension do?

Floating Sticky Cart is an extension that adds a floating shopping cart to your store that replaces the original WooCommerce cart page. The floating Your Cart shopping menu bar follows the user from page to page and can amplify the overall growth of your sales.

What is required to use this extension?

You need to have an activated WooCommerce plugin. And that is all. There is no need for more.

Are coding skills needed to use the Floating Sticky Cart extension?

No. The extension is simple and intuitive. It can be used by anyone regardless of specific skills or experience.

Can the user make payment transactions via this extension?

Sure. Purchasing via PayPal is an option on the Floating Sticky Cart menu. The user does not need to open any additional pages to make a purchase.

Can I change the appearance of the whole menu or change separate elements?

Of course. You are free to customize most of the elements of the Floating Sticky Cart according to your preferences. Customizations do not require coding.

Is this extension compatible with other plugins or themes?

Yes, Floating Sticky Cart is fully compatible with any other theme or plugins. It is just a small tool without any core interactions.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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