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Free Product Sample

Offer customers free samples with the Free Product Sample plugin for WooCommerce.

Offer customers free samples

Offer customers free or paid samples with the Free Product Sample plugin for WooCommerce and take the pressure off their purchase decisions.

Providing free or paid samples gives customers the opportunity to try out your products before making larger purchases. Customers appreciate this option, and it shows you believe in the quality of your products.

Free samples are ideal for home improvement shops that sell items like tiles, carpet, upholstery fabrics, wallpaper, and paints. Customers can use samples to be sure they like how these products look in their homes.

In addition, to help home-improvement shoppers, our developers made sure that Free Product Sample is compatible with the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator. It is another great plugin designed to help customers buy products sold by a unit of measurement.

Samples are also attractive to shoppers in many other categories including grocery, beauty, makeup, and fragrances. Customers may also enjoy the option to buy multiple small samples and create an additional revenue stream for your store.


Easily offer free or paid samples

The design of Free Product Sample creates an uncomplicated way for customers to try out your products. It also makes it easy for you to install the plugin and start filling orders with samples.

Purchase samples and regular stock together

Customers can purchase samples and full-size products in the same order.

Manage custom stock

To avoid any complications with tracking your inventory, you can create a custom stock category for samples. Create an inventory of samples and list them under their own categories where you can assign prices, shipping, and tax classes separate from those of your standard products.

Placing samples in their own category also allows you to easily track your inventory of samples.

Delight your customers when you provide samples with the Free Product Sample plugin.

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