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Frequently Bought Together

Cross-sell related products, with a “frequently bought together” section on your WooCommerce product page.

Frequently Bought Together is a WooCommerce plugin that lets stores easily add cross-sells, upsells, and custom product bundles to their product page.

You’ll see the “frequently bought together” boxes on the vast majority of eCommerce sites. Stores like Amazon use “frequently bought together” to increase customer average order value through cross-sells and upsells.

Frequently Bought Together lets you easily add and customize this for your WooCommerce product pages.

Key features:

✅ Create bulk upsells for every product in a category
✅ Disable and enable bundles, without completely removing them from your store
✅ Customize the frequently bought together widget display, on the product page
✅ Assign multiple special offers (through frequently bought together bundles) to one product

Illustration of the frequently bought together bundles in WooCommerce

How Is Frequently Bought Together Special?

Bundles Variety

That’s the whole point of the plugin, so let’s see what we can offer. First and foremost, you can assign multiple special offers to one product. It means that there are no recommendation limitations and you can experiment with different selections, adjust them for different target audiences. This also enables both cross- and up-selling approaches. Try out each tactic and see what brings more profits.

On top of that, you can create special offers with two, three, or more products, no restrictions on that. Go both vertically and horizontally, literally and figuratively speaking.

Another cool upgrade is bulk suggestions for every product in a category. This is a great solution to pair with the previous one. Use this as a universal fit to start off and add more as you go and gain some knowledge about your customers’ needs.


Our plugin allows for significant customization which is important to target the site visitors right.

First, you’re free to play with the position on the page, UI styles, and titles of the widget. There’s every tool to help you with a creative and appealing presentation of the add-ons on the product page. The plugin also offers two shortcodes for displaying bundles, which can be used on any page or post – including custom post types – on your store.

You can include the product name, product thumbnail, any discounts for the individual product(s) in the Frequently Bought Together section; and also show any overall product bundle savings you’re offering if the customer chooses to purchase all of your related products. The customer can see the total price and add to cart with one click.

Second, the feature applies to both Simple and Variable product types. In the case of the former, you have power over whether the variation available for the bundle is fixed or not. Sometimes you need to define it yourself and other times it will be reasonable to grant the client a choice.

Finally, the discount is also flexible meaning you’re able to assign a percentage discount for every product in the bundle or a flat-rate discount for the whole bundle. Again, depending on the needs of your campaign and knowing what will work for the particular customers, this option may come in handy

Related Products

Screenshot of the front-end of the Frequently Bought Together display

Frequently Bought Together lets you add related products manually on a single product basis, or set category rules to automatically add recommended products. You can see more about the easy management below!

Effortless Management

There are two ways to edit the bundle offers: from the separate plugin page where you can create, edit, or delete upsell and bundles. Here you can also find info about existing bundles and see how they display on the product page.

screenshot of the Frequently Bought Together bundle creation settings page in WooCommerce

or from the product page where you can add, manage, or remove special offers for that particular product.

screenshot of the Frequently Bought Together settings for a single product, where products are being selected and a discount is offered

In the screenshot above, we’ve selected a variable product and applied a 10% discount across the whole Frequently Bought Together box. The variable product has a different price for its variations, and the discount is automatically changed for those variations. On the front-end, the customer can select which of the product variations they want.

If you’re managing complex WooCommerce frequently bought together setups, you’ll appreciate that you can disable and enable bundles without completely removing them from a store. This gives additional space for trial and error. It can be useful for seasonal or otherwise repeated campaigns as well. The great news is that you don’t risk anything and don’t have to do it in an “all or nothing” fashion.

How are the Frequently Bought Together product bundles displayed?

Screenshot of the Frequently Bought Together plugin in action

After you set up the plugin and create some special offers, the “upsell product bundles” section will display automatically on product pages and your customers will be able to buy discounted bundles right away. If a product is available as part of several bundles, you can display the options as a list or in a carousel.

Bought Together Plugin for WooCommerce

You can also customize the section’s appearance. Change titles, buttons, background color, style, and labels, and adjust the upsell section’s position on the page.

Bought Together Plugin for WooCommerce

When a customer chooses a bundle, all products are added to the cart with a single click. Try out  Frequently Bought Together to boost your sales and your customer satisfaction!

Benefits of using a WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin

Consultants McKinsey estimated in 2013 that 35% of Amazon’s purchases come from its recommendation engine, which includes the frequently bought together boxes. This figure is impossible to verify, but extremely plausible. It has almost certainly increased in the decade since the report was published as Amazon better understands its customers.

Other eCommerces stores have reported similar results to Amazon. Fashion retailer ASOS increased sales 21% for womenswear, and 34% for menswear, by implementing frequently bought together boxes that suggested complementary items to make an outfit. Note that ASOS use custom permalinks to add the product SKU to the end of their URLs.

Amazon’s recommendation engine has many complex parts, and fashion is an industry especially suited to complementary purchases. Research by McKinsey shows the average WooCommerce store can always increase annual revenue by adding a frequently bought together box.

This is an obvious plugin to increase revenue and optimize your store.

Frequently Bought Together is made by Premmerce. Our products power over 100,000 stores, and we’ve sold Frequently Bought Together on since 2020. You’re in safe, reliable hands with us.

Get Frequently Bought Together today, and increase your conversions!

Frequently Bought Together FAQs:

How do I add frequently purchased items in WooCommerce?

Frequently Bought Together lets you add a box to your WooCommerce product pages with items that are frequently purchased in a group. You can create product bundles at the category level or product level, and apply as many boxes per product as you need.

What is the meaning of frequently bought together?

Frequently Bought Together was popularized by Amazon. Amazon are estimated to make 35% of their sales through their recommendation engine. Frequently Bought Together often refers to a curated list of products designed to maximize revenue for the eCommerce store.

You’ll often see Frequently Bought Together used specifically for upsells or cross-sells, rather than just products that are often bought together. Manually curating frequently bought together products lets you maximize revenue and profits for your store. This is possible with Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce: you can either set category-level bundles, or curate manually at the product level.

How do I add a grouped product in WooCommerce?

Frequently Bought Together lets you add grouped products to your WooCommerce store: the frequently bought together box adds products in a group and the customer can add the whole group to their cart with 1 click.

graphic of the frequently bought together for woocommerce product page

You can charge full price, offer a discount across the whole group, or offer a discount for only individual products in the group.

Can Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce handle large product volumes?

Frequently Bought Together can handle large product volumes. You can create and apply bundles in bulk in the WooCommerce admin, at the category level. This is helpful for stores with large volumes of products:

Admin settings for Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together is compatible with WooCommerce Performance Optimizer, which speeds up stores with large databases of products, attributes, and/or variations. In testing a store with 10,000 products performs 2x as fast when using WooCommerce Performance Optimzier.

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