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Gallery Captions for WooCommerce

Add captions to the product page photo galleries and lightboxes.

Easily add captions to single-product photo galleries

When present, image captions are read up to 300% more than a page’s main text. They are an opportunity to educate potential customers in bite-sized chunks, to tell as well as show why your product will solve a customer’s problem, and may be the only text on the page that gets read after the title.

Gallery Captions for WooCommerce adds captions to the photo gallery on WooCommerce single-product pages to help you show the best features if your products. The image’s title and caption are displayed below the image, both on the page and in the expanded lightbox view.

A screenshot showing a product gallery with captions.
Here we see that captions can have both a title and some text. The title and text are displayed below the large image on single-product pages.

Simple to use

No configuration is required. If Gallery Captions for WooCommerce is active  and an image has a title or caption set, they’ll appear in the gallery.

Screenshot showing how to set gallery captions
Set the Title and/or Caption fields when adding images to a product’s gallery and they’ll appear below the image. The arrows show which piece of text is controlled by each form field in the media editor.

Captions Help Sell More

Because captions may be the most-read text on a page, and most people only have time to read 28% of all the text on a page, captions are a golden opportunity to communicate with your customers. Captions help customers understand your product better than an image alone; for example drawing attention to specialized features or reinforcing the quality of materials. They give you a chance to explain things that are difficult to communicate in an image like size, weight, or feel, in a place that’s highly likely to be read.

Using captions with your images helps customers be better-informed about their purchases so they can be confident that they are buying what they think they are buying.

Technical Details

  • Turn captions on or off by activating or deactivating the extension in WordPress Admin > Plugins.
  • Caption title and text is pulled from each image’s “Title” and “Caption” fields.
  • Gallery Captions for WooCommerce doesn’t change your data — it’s completely non-destructive.

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