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GeekSeller Full Suite Multichannel

Order, inventory, and product management. Connect your e-commerce platforms to automate tasks.

GeekSeller connects marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and 3PL warehouses, streamlining order, inventory, and catalog management. It also offers advanced analytics for deeper business insights.

With years of service, GeekSeller specializes in custom solutions for varied business needs, supporting all major marketplaces like Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, Walmart, MercadoLibre, and many more. Their solid reputation, built on positive reviews and official partnerships, promises reliable support and competitive pricing. 

Benefits for WooCommerce Users

GeekSeller enables WooCommerce users to automate tasks and connect to multiple channels. Their team, skilled in WooCommerce and WordPress, provides support in setting up features and offering custom solutions, all at an affordable price. 

Common use cases for WooCommerce users

  • Utilizing MCF program – using GeekSeller to fulfill orders placed on WooCommerce via FBA automatically.
  • Synchronizing inventory levels between WooCommerce store and other marketplaces.
  • Selling bundles and kits on WooCommerce and using GeekSeller to translate those orders to components fulfillment centers understand.
  • Creating custom rules to distribute orders from various warehouses based on set criteria.
  • Distribute inventory across channels with options to push to selected marketplaces only part of the inventory.

Key Features

Order Management

Manage orders for all connected platforms from a single panel.

  • Track Shipments – set up email alerts to be notified about potential delivery issues.
  • Create Rules to Automate Tasks – modify orders and trigger various actions based on custom rules to automate your work.
  • Print Labels – integrating with over 100 carriers and providing USPS Commercial Plus Pricing – the lowest available.
  • Data Analytics Dashboard – cross-channel charts and spreadsheet reports with sales data and trends.
  • Create Manual Orders – you can create a manual order, for example, for orders taken over the phone.
  • Print Packing Slips, Pick Lists, and Invoices – create templates or use default designs.
  • Email Notifications – be notified about new orders with your custom email templates.


Quantity Synchronization to manage quantities across connected platforms from a single location.

  • Automatic Qty Sync – synchronize stock across sales channels.
  • Multi-warehouse – manage multiple locations, and set priorities for fulfillment.
  • Kitting and Bundles – synchronizing quantities for bundles, kits, and their components.
  • Low Stock Count Alerts – set reorder threshold notifications.
  • Advanced Rules – specify what quantity to send to each platform.


Manage product data across multiple platforms; import, export, and update data through a user-friendly interface.

  • Advanced File Import – update large amounts of information in bulk.
  • Move Product Data Between Marketplaces – easily copy products from one platform to another.
  • Catalog Data Management – manage product data using our interface or a spreadsheet.
  • Walmart Repricer – automatically adjusts the price (up or down) to win the buy box.
  • Amazon Buy Box Monitoring – analyzing your SKUs to detect important listing changes.


You get access to tech-savvy agents with years of industry experience, knowledgeable about WooCommerce and WordPress, available via live chat, screen share sessions, and email for support. Enjoy unlimited onboarding, hands-on help, all at no additional cost. Just search for GeekSeller reviews online to see the consistent 5-star ratings.

Email or visit for live chat or to book a demo.



Pricing starts at $50/mo. GeekSeller offers plans based on the number of orders, and your invoice will never exceed $1,000/mo.


  • FBA and WFS excluded from billing calculations.
  • No hidden or extra fees.
  • Free onboarding.
  • No long-term commitment, biweekly payments.
  • No limits on the number of SKUs or integrations.
  • 2-week trial.

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