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Gift Registry for WooCommerce

Allow your customers to create multiple gift registries and share with their friends and family so they buy gifts for the upcoming events.

Gift Registry for WooCommerce enables your customers to create wish-list(s) of the products they are interested to buy. Your customers will be able to create gift registries for upcoming events like baby shower, birthday, wedding, anniversaries, and more. They can share the registry with their friends and family so they can buy gifts for the registrant.

Once the gift is added to the cart, the delivery address of the registrant is automatically added to the checkout. As soon as the order is placed, the item will be removed from the registry and the customer will be informed about the purchase. Depending on their needs, the customers can create public, private, or password-protected wishlists.

Features of Gift Registry for WooCommerce

  • Create multiple gift registries
  • Option for customers to make registry private, public, or password protected
  • Enable gift registry for guests and specific user roles
  • Allow customers to add co-registrant
  • Option for customers to include the event date and other details in the registry
  • Customizable email notifications for admin, customer, and co-registrants
  • Share gift registry on Facebook, Twitter, Email or VIA Direct Link
  • Restrict users to create gift registry without a shipping address
  • Add gift registry to menu
  • Multiple customizable error messages
  • Customize add to gift registry button
  • Backend gird view for all created registries
  • Add privacy policy checkbox in gift registry form

Create multiple gift registries

Your customers can create multiple gift registries and control the following options,

  • Add registry title
  • Select visibility (private, public, password protected)
  • Add registrant name, email and address
  • Option to add co-registrant and email for notifications
  • Add shipping address and event date, address, and details
  • Option to share public registry on Facebook, Twitter, email, or direct link

Admin list of all gift registries:

Gift Registry for WooCommerce lists all registries created by users in a separate grid.

The admin can view the details of each gift registry and know about the popular products that are frequently added to customer wishlists.

Customizable email notifications:

WooCommerce gift registry extension comes with multiple email notifications for both admin and customer. You can enable/disable and customize each notification from extension settings,

For Customer:

  • Email notification when new registry is successful created
  • Email notification to co-registrant
  • Separate notification for customer and co-registrant when a product is purchased from the registry
  • Customize email content when customer share registry VIA email
  • Email notification when registry expires

For Admin:

  • Email notification when a new registry is created by any customer
  • Email notification when a product is purchased from a gift registry

For more details on email customization, please see the documentation.

Restrict registry for specific user types and more

You can choose to allow only specific user roles and guest users to create new gift registries. You can also force customers to add shipping addresses before creating a new registry and agree to the terms and conditions.

Customizable error messages:

You can customize different error messages displayed when,

  • Guest users are not allowed to create registry
  • Create your first registry to add product to list
  • Registered user role is not allowed to create registry
  • Your registry has been expired
  • Force add a shipping address to create registry

Enable social sharing buttons:

You can choose to display social sharing buttons to let customers directly share the registry with their friends and family.


What happens when a product is purchased from the registry?

The item quantity is automatically reduced from the gift registry and the registrant is notified about the purchase of the item from registry.

Can a customer add another item to cart along with an item from gift registry

Yes, the extension provides admin an option to restrict adding new items along with registry or once added force items to be sent to the same gift registry address.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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