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GLS for WooCommerce

Integrate GLS seamlessly into WooCommerce.

Offer GLS Shipping

With the GLS for WooCommerce extension, you can seamlessly integrate GLS shipping with your WooCommerce store. The extension allows you to offer GLS shipping and quickly print individual and bulk GLS shipping labels.


  • Easy GLS label creation
  • Bulk label generation for bulk printing
  • Adds a GLS tracking link to order-confirmation emails for customers
  • Automatically marks orders complete with confirmation of delivery
  • Customers can choose GLS Parcel Shop delivery at checkout

Supported Countries

Currently supported origin countries:
Germany, France, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia

We plan to add more countries soon. Please open a feature request and tell us if you want us to prioritize adding your country. 

Easy GLS label creation

Once you integrate GLS for WooCommerce you can easily create GLS labels. You can print a label from the order screen in the WordPress administration environment. Click the Generate button in the Generate GLS Label sidebar to print a label.

  • Set default GLS services as a global setting
  • You can create multiple labels for each order
  • The current status of the shipment will also be written on each label

Bulk label generation and printing

Our plugin allows you to bulk-generate GLS labels for selected orders. Once you create the labels, you can create a file with one click that contains all labels ready for printing.

  • Select orders to include in bulk printing
  • Set GLS services for each order via our interface
  • For each order, you can set how many boxes to send and the cash-on-delivery (COD) amount

Parcel Shop delivery

The WooCommerce GLS plugin allows the customer to choose green delivery to a parcel store (parcel machine) at checkout.

A popup appears when a customer chooses green delivery at checkout. The popup gives the customer their choice of GLS parcel shops on a map. After the customer chooses the best location near them, they can view details for the GLS location by clicking “More details” on the checkout screen.

You can try out our demo example and see how to add a product to your cart, proceed to the checkout, and select GLS package delivery.

Track existing orders

You can track your orders from your WordPress admin screen and with a click you can open a tracking URL and see all tracking statuses.

You can also view the tracking URL as your customer would see it based on their shipping or billing country. If your client is from Hungary, the URL will automatically be in the Hungarian language. The whole extension includes localization for the countries we service.

Provide customers with tracking numbers

GLS for WooCommerce increases customer satisfaction and eliminates most customer queries about the status of orders. The extension makes it easy to keep clients informed by automatically adding a tracking number to order confirmation emails.

You can also add custom messages to confirmation emails. The extension automatically sends an email when you finish processing an order.

WooCommerce GLS tracking number in email

Automatic order-status updates

GLS for WooCommerce receives the notification of delivered parcels and automatically marks delivered orders as complete.

You will always know the status of customer orders and will not need to do manual data entry.


GLS for WooCommerce streamlines shipping and increases customer satisfaction and efficiency for WooCommerce store owners.

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