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Google Address Autocomplete For WooCommerce

Google address autocomplete for WooCommerce allows users to autocomplete billing/shipping address fields with the suggested results of the Google Places API.

Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce helps users to auto-fill billing and/or shipping address fields, saving time and effort. Using the Google Places API, customers get fast, accurate address suggestions for quick auto-fill of all the address fields — including street address, country, and postcode –and quicker checkout.

The extension saves customers precious time and prevents typing errors, so checkout is fast and cart abandonment decreases.

Key features

  • Auto-fill both billing and shipping addresses
  • Auto-fill country/region, street address , town / city, state / country,¬† and postcode/ZIP fields
  • Select countries to restrict auto-complete address results

Search results by country

Let customers search addresses across all countries, or search to specific countries. They can autofill addresses with the help of Google places API within the restricted countries.

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