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Protect Your Site With reCaptcha

WooCommerce reCaptcha extension enables you to add Google reCaptcha on your login, registration, password reset, and other WordPress and WooCommerce pages. It supports v2 and v3 versions of Google invisible captcha.

With increased spam and hacking attempts, the extension can act as an extra security gate to block bot traffic from making login attempts, checkouts, passwords resets, spam comments and more. Using invisible V3 reCaptcha, you can make sure that the captcha appears only for suspicious visitors keeping it hidden from your valued genuine customers.

Features of WooCommerce reCaptcha:

  • Supports V2 and V3 versions
  • Individually enable reCaptcha on specific pages
  • Customize reCaptcha sizes
  • Choose from dark or light reCaptcha themes
  • Disable reCaptcha for specific countries
  • Exclude specific IP range
  • Customize spam score to trigger reCaptcha
  • Enable reCaptcha on following WooCommerce Pages
    • WooCommerce Registration
    • WooCommerce Login
    • WooCommerce Lost Password
    • Checkout
    • Payment Method
    • Pay for Order
    • Product Review
  • Enable reCaptcha on following WordPress Pages
    • WordPress Registration
    • WordPress Login
    • WordPress Lost Password
    • WordPress Comments

Supports V2 and V3 reCaptcha:

Google reCaptcha for WooCommerce enables you to add any Google V2 and V3 reCaptcha type to your store to validate visitors.

Customize reCaptcha for each WooCommerce and WordPress Page

The extension allows you to enable reCaptcha on specific WooCommerce and WordPress pages. You can also customize the following reCaptcha options for each page,

  • Field title
  • Themes (Light or Dark)
  • Size (Normal or Compact)


Not blocking the registrations, card checking, card testing or fake checkout attempts?

If the card checking attempts are made by bots, the extension will be able to block those attempts. However, if the card checking attempts are made by real users, the extension won’t be able to block it. Since the reCaptcha is built to block automated bots but if its a real person, they can solve that reCaptcha to prove as human and place card testing checkouts.

You would need a fraud prevention extension along with reCaptcha to block card testing orders. Here is how WooCommerce advises to fight the card testing attempts.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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