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Google reCaptcha for WooCommerce

Add reCaptcha to your WooCommerce and WordPress login, registration, reset password and other pages.

Protect Your Site With reCaptcha

With the WooCommerce reCaptcha extension, you can add Google reCaptcha to WordPress and WooCommerce login, registration, password pages, checkout, comments, and more. The extension supports v2 and v3 versions of Google Invisible captcha.

With increased spam and hacking attempts, the extension can act as an extra security gate to block bot traffic from making login attempts, checkouts, card checking, password resets, spam comments, and more. 

By using the invisible reCaptcha v3 version, you ensure that the captcha only appears to suspicious visitors and remains hidden from your valuable and real customers. You can also customize the spam score of V3 reCaptcha as per your website needs.

Features of WooCommerce reCaptcha:

    • Supports v2 and v3 versions
    • Activate reCaptcha individually on certain pages
    • Customize reCaptcha sizes
    • Choose between dark and light reCaptcha themes
    • Disable reCaptcha for specific countries
    • Excludes a specific IP range
    • Add reCaptcha anywhere using shortcode
    • Customize spam score for V3 recaptcha
    • Activate reCaptcha on the following WooCommerce pages: 
      • WooCommerce Registration
      • WooCommerce Access 
      • Lost WooCommerce Password 
      • Complete Purchase 
      • Payment Method 
      • Pay for the Order 
      • Product Review 
    • Enable reCaptcha on the following WordPress pages: 
      • WordPress Registration 
      • WordPress Access 
      • Lost WordPress Password 
      • WordPress Comments
    • Multilingual translation ready
    • Expands captcha options with support for

woocommerce google recaptcha

Supports V2 and V3 reCaptcha:

With Google reCaptcha for WooCommerce, you can add V2 and V3 reCaptcha to your store – providing a strong solution for authenticating and validating customers who visit your online store. 

V2 recaptcha remains visible for everyone whereas the V3 recaptcha appears only when suspicious traffic is detected and remains hidden for your real customers.

woocommerce google recaotcha v2 and v3

Customize reCaptcha for each WooCommerce and WordPress Page

  • The extension allows you to enable reCaptcha on specific WooCommerce and WordPress pages. You can also customize the following reCaptcha options for each page:
    • Field Title
    • Themes (light or dark)
    • Size (normal or compact

woocommerce registration recaptcha

Add reCaptcha using Short Code

Integrating Google reCaptcha into your website is made even more versatile with the inclusion of a shortcode feature. By enabling the Shortcode reCaptcha option, you can make any page of your website secure by reCaptcha by adding a shortcode [captcha_shortcode] on any desired page.

woocommerce google recaptcha shortcode


This WooCommerce reCaptcha extension provides advanced security measures and customization options for online stores. You can choose between and as the preferred reCAPTCHA type. The is preferable for countries where Google is blocked. The “No-Conflict Mode” ensures seamless integration by removing other CAPTCHA occurrences on that page to avoid site-breaking conflicts. 

General Settings

With additional customization options such as Recaptcha Field Title and a choice between Light and Dark themes, as well as Normal or Compact size, website administrators can seamlessly align reCaptcha with their site’s aesthetics and user experience preferences. 

The plugin allows the exclusion of specific countries and the option to disable reCAPTCHA for designated IP ranges, offering a tailored and robust security solution for WooCommerce websites.

add google recaptcha to wordpress website


Not blocking the registrations, card checking, card testing or fake checkout attempts?

If the card-checking attempts are made by bots, the extension will be able to block those attempts. However, if the card-checking attempts are made by real users, the extension won’t be able to block it. Since the reCaptcha is built to block automated bots if it’s a real person, they can solve that reCaptcha to prove as human and place card testing checkouts.

You would need a fraud prevention extension along with reCaptcha to block card testing orders. Here is how WooCommerce advises to fight the card testing attempts.

google recaptcha for woocommerce


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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