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Google Shopping Integration for WooCommerce

The integration helps in the easy product upload/update, category mapping, and smooth order management.

Automate your WooCommerce store with Google Shopping 

Maximize campaign performance and ad spending with complete control over field mappings and feed content by feeding rich product data to Google Merchant Center for free product listings, product ads, and local inventory campaigns.

Boost campaign performance and ad spending by feeding rich product data to Google Merchant Center for free listings, ads, and local inventory campaigns, with complete control over field mappings and feed content.

Automate to promote your online and local inventory from WooCommerce

With Google Shopping integration for WooCommerce, you can seamlessly add your WooCommerce products to Google Merchant Center. The plugin’s built-in functionality allows you to automate your campaigns, ensuring the ultimate ease of use.

Key Features:

A. Reduce redundancy with full automation.

The integration provides a fully automated path to create your Google Ads campaigns for your WooCommerce products and streamline your marketing efforts. You can easily switch or change the connected emails, GMC accounts, and Google Ads Ids.

B. Single-click verification and defined attributes mapping.

Get your store quickly verified with the single-click site claim and verification section. Access complete attribute mapping control and push the product information onto your Google Shopping feed. This way, you check out redundancy and focus more on reaching the right shoppers.

C.  Sync to reach out to shoppers on Google.

Sync your WooCommerce product listing with a new or existing Google merchant center and list your products on Google for free. Manage your listing from a centralized dashboard.

D. Set Performance Max Campaign and advertise on multiple locations.

Simply synchronize your WooCommerce products via Google Listings & Ads with a daily budget. With Google’s up-to-date, place the time and locations for your ads to reach the right audience.

E. Keep track of your performance and conversions.

Understand your audience with the conversion creation and reporting section. You can keep track of users who call, buy a product, install a mobile app, and more.

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