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Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO

Increase Data Quality and Unify Events Tracking Across all Channels with Premium Google Tag Manager Integration.

Track Once Send Everywhere

This extension pushes complete eCommerce events and data – GA4 eCommerce compatible – to Google Tag Manager Data Layer. Once this information is available in your GTM workspace you can plug in and use virtually any marketing tool. This ensures the same data quality and tracking coverage across all connected platforms.

Make your data flow diagnostics and troubleshooting easier.

Tracking with multiple tools using separate extensions can make dataflow complex and difficult to troubleshoot.
Introducing GTM solution streamlines the dataflow making it more reliable and easier to debug.


With single extension you can fuel data for multiple platforms offering solutions for:

  • reporting & analytics
  • advertising
  • personalisation

Packaged GTM Presets

GTM setup can be time-consuming – this extension comes with packaged presets post popular tools and platforms in the market. that allow you to set up and run the integration in few simple steps without creating every single GTM Variable and Trigger yourself.


Full Events Coverage & Compatibility

This extension focus on best possible eCommerce coverage for WooCommerce, ensuring top compatibility with most popular WooCommerce Themes and Extensions. It offers complete coverage of sales funnel giving precise insights with following events:

  • view_item_list
  • select_item
  • view_item
  • add_to_cart
  • view_cart
  • remove_from_cart
  • begin_checkout
  • add_billing_info
  • add_payment_info
  • add_shipping_info
  • purchase
  • user_data

Exhaustive list of events with high quality of data allows you to fully leverage connected tools with precise reporting and conversion tracking.

No matter what’s the destination tool:

Consent Mode v2

Another reason why using Google Tag Manager helps you keep your eCommerce tracking standardise is native compatibility with Google Consent Mode v2 that become a requirement when processing data of users coming from cerain regions.




Full Control in Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager serves as a configurable orchestrator of all events and tagging services. With this extension you can leverage all GTM functionalities to tailor your tracking setup my adding more precise Triggers, Additional tags and Variables.

See our documentation for the details.


  1. A single plugin to install that tracks all relevant eCommerce events
  2. Virtually any analytical, advertising and optimization tool can be integrated via GTM in order to improve WooCommerce sales
  3. Build full end-to-end integration with selected tools (Google Analytics GA4, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads) with a few simple clicks thanks to packaged GTM presets
  4. Supports legally required user consent before sending out any data out (requires manual setup)
  5. Ensures data consistency – data won’t be sent twice thanks to streamlined integration

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