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Group Attributes

Easily categorize attributes of complex products.

  • Make multiple group attributes and display them in a table
  • Create attribute categories and attach them with multiple groups of attributes to load them quickly with a single click on product pages
  • Includes an option to display an attribute table in a popup on a shop page
  • Option to display the attribute table in a default place (Additional Information tab) or before the Add-to-Cart form on a product page
  • Includes style options for attribute tables such as Grid View, Tabs View, Accordion View, Top, and Right header table

Easily categorize attributes of complex products with many different attributes and values using the Group Attributes for WooCommerce extension.

Display product attributes in multiple groups

With the Group Attributes extension, you can create multiple groups of attributes and display them effectively on product pages.

Multiple style options

This extension offers multiple style options to display attribute tables such as Grid View, Tabs View, Accordion View, Top, and Right header table.

Create group categories

With this extension, you can create group categories where each group has its specific attributes. So, you can load a group category to load multiple groups at a time that are associated with that category which helps to save you a lot of time.

Display product attributes on shop pages

The Group Attributes extension provides you with the option to display product attributes on a shop page. It enables the View Attributes button on a shop page and shows the attribute list in a popup when clicked.

Group attributes location

You can display the attributes table either on a default location (Additional Information tab) or before the Add to Cart form on a product page.


  1. Group Attributes helps you to organize complex product attributes in a logical way, making it easier for your customers to navigate your store.
  2. It enhances the user experience by making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and increases the likelihood of making a sale.
  3. The extension saves store owner’s time by providing the ability to create multiple attribute groups and taxonomies. They can quickly add specific groups of attributes to any product without having to add them individually.
  4. Customers can easily see the product attributes right on the shop page, so they do not have to visit each product’s page to see its attributes.

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