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Helio Pay

Effortlessly accept cryptocurrency payments in your WooCommerce store with Helio Pay. Reach more customers and sell more with crypto.

Accept crypto payments the easy way with Helio Pay

  • Get paid instantly with real-time payouts
  • Accept USDC, Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum & hundreds of digital currencies
  • Eliminate expensive chargebacks
  • Enjoy low fees of 1%
  • Offer customers a frictionless in-store payment experience 
  • Effortlessly integrate Helio Pay in minutes
  • On / off ramp crypto earnings to your bank account


Easy to use, self-serve dashboard: Log in to the Helio Pay dashboard with your email or crypto wallet such as MetaMask, Phantom, Coinbase to set up your plug-in, track orders, manage payouts and more.

See our WooCommerce set-up documentation

Broad blockchain & currency support: Helio Pay is compatible with Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and hundreds of digital currencies.

100% decentralised: The payment flow is peer-to-peer which means no intermediary ever holds or processes your money, and payouts are instant to your Phantom, MetaMask, Ledger, or crypto wallet of your choice.

Auto currency conversion: Buyers can pay with the token of their choice within the checkout for ultimate convenience.

NFTs: Reward customers with an NFT drop, token gate access to your store based on an NFT collection and enable discounts with an NFT.

Community membership: Include access to your exclusive community with every sale.

Helio Wallet: Are you new to crypto? No problem. We create a Helio Wallet for you the first time you log in completely behind the scenes. 

On and off ramps: Off-ramp digital currencies earnings from the Helio dashboard back to your bank account or card via transfers. Buyers can use credit cards payments to onramp to digital currencies and purchase in your store in a single-seamless flow.

No disputes with crypto payments: Crypto payments have a 0% dispute rate. Buyers cannot reverse payments. Chargebacks are not possible.

Create your Helio account now to get started with Helio Pay!

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