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Hide Prices & Private Store for WooCommerce

Set up a private store, hide prices, and allows customers to request a quote.

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This extension is ideal for any private membership, b2b, or wholesale store that needs to hide prices, products, content, or enable quote requests and set up a personalized customer experience. Easy to use and packed with features, it’s the ultimate private store plugin for WooCommerce.

Here are some of the things you can do with this plugin:

  • Hide prices until logged in and prevent checkout
  • Hide shop and products
  • Hide website and force login (ideal for fully private stores)
  • Request a quote system for guests or logged-in users
  • Receive quotes via email and enable/disable quote form fields
  • Show different content to different users with the plugin’s content shortcode
  • Hide prices by product, by category, and even by individual variation
  • Hide prices by user role
  • Hide prices by country (IP based)
  • Hide Add to Cart button
  • Customize messages (e.g. “Login to view prices” )

Features in Detail

Hide prices functionality

You can hide prices for all guest users with a simple setting, or alternatively choose specific products, categories, countries, and user roles in complex dynamic rules. Users see a customizable text (defaults to “Login to View Prices”) or a link to the login page instead of prices.

hide prices

Hide shop and products

The plugin also allows stores to hide all products for guest users with one simple setting. By enabling it, users cannot access the site without first logging in or registering. A customizable message prompting the user to “Login to access the B2B portal” is displayed.


Quote request system

You can enable the quote request system for either logged-out or logged-in users, or by user role or country.

Enabling quote requests hides all prices in the shop, and replaces the cart with a quote basket. Through a customizable form, customers can request a quote and leave their name, email, phone, and a message. Quote requests are sent by email to the address of your choice.

Customizable quote request form:

Dynamic rules system

Through the rule management system you can set up complex and versatile configurations: hide products, categories, or variations by logged-in status, user role, or country in various combinations.


In the example above, the price is hidden for the product “Beanie,” for the blue variation of “Box of Hoodies,” and for items in the “Box Category,” for all guest users, all users with the role contributor, and all users from Italy.

Content Restriction and Dynamic Content

By wrapping content with the plugin’s shortcode, you can show different content to different users, guests, logged-in users, user roles, and even specific users by username. For example, you can have 2 different product descriptions, one for guest users, and another for approved member users.

Pre-Sales & Questions

For more details on functionality and how the extension works, please see the documentation.

For technical pre-sales questions you can contact the development team directly at:


Looking for More? – B2B & Wholesale Suite

This plugin (Hide Prices & Private Store) is part of the B2B & Wholesale Suite (the only differences are that role is replaced with group, and hide by country is not available).

If you are looking for a complete wholesale or B2B solution for your store, our B2B & Wholesale Suite has it all:

  • Wholesale Bulk Order Form
  • Wholesale Prices
  • Tiered Price and Tiered Price Table
  • Invoice Payment Gateway
  • Tax Exemptions and VAT Validation
  • Business Registration with Custom Fields
  • Messaging System
  • Shopping Lists
  • Payment and Shipping Methods Control
  • Rules for Quantity Step, Minimum Order, Discounts, and more
  • Different Content for Different Users
  • 90+ other features across 20 plugin modules.


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