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Hide Variations by User Roles

Hide individual product variations by user roles.

WooCommerce Hide Variations by User Roles extension enables you to manage the visibility of product variations based on user roles. Instead of keeping B2B variations visible for all, you can choose to only display them to B2B customers and other relevant user roles.


  • Hide Variations by User Roles
  • Completely hide or make variations un-selectable
  • Works with all popular user-role-editor plugins

Variations visibility options

You can manage variation visibility for each variation under Product edit sheet > Variations from the backend. You can completely hide the variations based on user roles or keep them visible but un-selectable.

How the variations visibility change would show on the frontend

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Can we hide the entire product as well?

The extension only hides variations, if you need to hide entire products. Please see our Products Visibility By User Roles extension.

Can we hide the entire attribute? Like, hide XL from all products?

Unfortunately, this is not possible to hide the entire attribute or its variation from all products at once.

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