Boost engagement on your WooCommerce store with POWR Image and Video Slider.

Draw your customers’ attention to your bestsellers, latest promotions, and glowing customer testimonials in a beautiful slideshow. With multiple templates to choose from, you can create the image and video slider that meets your needs.

Product Slider Options

Use the Slider template to create a dynamic lookbook of your top products. If you’d like to show more than one image per slide, choose the Carousel template.

Draw visitors’ attention to your latest release, perennial bestseller, or special promotion with the Hero template in your image and video slider.

Sliders for Social Proof

The average customer reads 10 reviews before making a purchase decision, and displaying social proof on your WooCommerce site can help you convert visitors who are still on the fence about buying from you. Use the Testimonial template to upload your best customer reviews, testimonials, and images to increase trust in your brand and to entice more visitors to buy.

The Logo template is for creating a powerful slider showcasing client logos, or logos of sites and outlets where your brand has been featured — it’s a great way to show off your success.


Video Slider

A slider isn’t just for images, testimonials or logos! You can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo in your slider within seconds, for example, and drive more traffic to your channels to boost engagement with video content.

Feature highlights:

  • Upload photos or images to your slider to highlight your best products and to steer visitors to your popular products.
  • Add customer images and testimonials.
  • Highlight promotions and discounts.
  • Create a slider for banner images.
  • Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Access free stock images from Unsplash to create quick and easy banners for your slider.
  • Add call-to-action buttons and descriptions to your slider banners to streamline customers’ journey on your site.
  • Choose between several eye-catching slider transition styles, and between the Slider or Carousel layout options.
  • Highly customizable design options include custom colors and fonts, adjustable size, arrow styles, borders, adjustable slide speed, and thumbnails below your slider.
  • The plugin supports text in any language, and is responsive on any mobile device.
  • Instant access to 60+ POWR apps, including Social Feed for fresh content on your site and Popup for stellar landing-page conversion.


WooCommerce exclusive pricing gives you access to all Starter features for one year. To access Pro or Business features, monthly or yearly upgrades are available on POWR.

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