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Image Watermark for WooCommerce

Add watermarks to protected your store image. Ability to add different watermarks for different products and categories. Support text and image based watermarks.

Add Watermarks to Product Images

Image Watermark for WooCommerce extension enables you to protect your catalog images by adding watermarks to your product images. Add image or text-based watermarks and attach them to specific products and categories.

You can add watermarks to nine different positions on each image. Assign different watermarks for different products and categories using rule-based management. You can also add separate watermarks for different image sizes like full, medium-listing images, and thumbnails.


  • Add text and image-based watermarks
  • Add text with background and customize font family, size and color
  • Adjust watermark opacity
  • Apply on selected products and categories
  • Includes an option to repeat and tilt watermarks by “x” degree
  • Position watermark anywhere on your image
  • Add different watermarks for
    • Full & Large images
    • Medium Size (Listing page image sizes)
    • Thumbnail Sizes
  • Customize cronjob settings and view active cronjob status
  • Restore images with a single click

Create multiple watermark rules

Using WooCommerce Image Watermark extension, you can add text and image-based watermarks and attach them to specific products and categories. Ability to create multiple rules to add different watermarks for various products, categories and image sizes.

Add text or image watermark:

Image Watermark for WooCommerce extension comes with extensive customization options for image and text watermarks. You can customize following options,

  • Text watermarks
    • Watermark text
    • Font family, color, opacity, and size
    • Add a text background
    • Rotate watermarks
    • Repeat watermarks on entire image
    • Add horizontal and vertical margins
  • Image watermarks
    • Upload custom watermark images
    • Rotate images and configure opacity
    • Repeat watermarks on entire images
    • Add horizontal and vertical margins

Add separate watermarks for image-sizes

Image Watermark for WooCommerce enables you to add different watermarks for varied sizes. The extension has combined seven different images in three groups to let merchants easily add watermarks. For more details on watermark sizes, please see the documentation.

Apply watermark by product or category

You can apply watermarks by specific products or categories. This feature comes in handy when you want to add copyrights and credits at the same time for a different set of products and categories.

Offers 9 watermark positions:

You can choose from nine available watermark positions and using the margin-option settings, you can apply watermarks almost anywhere on your product image. You can also preview watermarks before applying them to your products.

Cronjob settings

The Cronjob feature enables you manage your server load by executing watermarks on images one by one.

Restore with a single click

You can restore any watermark rule with a single click using the “Reset Watermark” tab in extension settings. The extension also enables you to restore original images of all products with a single click.

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