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Jetpack CRM for WooCommerce

Jetpack CRM has everything you need to nurture your leads and customers: Invoices, Billing, Email Marketing, Automation, a detailed Sales Dashboard, and 30+ extensions including Stripe, Paypal, Mailchimp, and more.

Convert more leads to customers. Sell more products to existing customers and make more money with Jetpack CRM for WooCommerce.

Start building a list of leads and customers

With all of your business data in a CRM you can easily see how many orders your customers have made, view their contact records & activity, and continue to nurture them with our powerful email and automation tools. 

Jetpack CRM for WooCommerce is the ideal CRM for small & medium sized businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs.

See everything in one place

Jetpack CRM is the beating heart of your business where you can manage your leads, customers, quotes, invoices, and transactions all in one place.

Importing your contacts is quick and straightforward, and if you ever need to export them we have tools to do that easily too!

Add your whole team to see how your business evolves in real-time, and never miss that piece of crucial context needed to manage your clients again. 

On contact profiles you can see all of your team’s interactions with each contact. Perform quick actions like sending an email, log the notes from a recent call, add a recent deal that you won, and much more! 

Jetpack CRM is incredibly flexible so you can tailor it to suit your business’ needs.

Tools for the whole sales cycle

Unlike most other CRMs Jetpack CRM for WooCommerce includes tools to easily collect leads, create quotes, capture orders, and generate invoices which can be sent directly to your contacts through the CRM – making it a great billing system too! 

Your team can manage and get real-time insights on your sales cycle and orders – it’s a powerhouse to help grow your business. 

Lightning-fast Sales Dashboard

See a snapshot of your business’ performance with the Sales Dashboard. With our powerful and robust WooCommerce extension all of your sales will automatically sync to the CRM. Selling additional products manually or through a bricks and mortar store? Easily add them to your CRM and capture everything in one place.

Do even more with our extension library

With 30+ official CRM extensions available you can power up your CRM and do much more. From adding your contacts to your favourite email marketing platform, automating your tasks through Automations, customers and payments from Stripe & Paypal, and much more! 

Features of Jetpack CRM include:

  • Lead & Contact management
  • Company management
  • Client proposals
  • Quotes
  • Customer invoices
  • Transactions
  • Sales dashboard
  • Forms
  • Automation
  • Email nurturing
  • And much more!

Plugins made for each other

Jetpack CRM and WooCommerce are both Automattic companies, so plugins are fully compatible and you can work with a single support team.

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The best CRM for WooCommerce

  • No limits on the number of contacts in your CRM.
  • All orders are imported and assigned to your contacts.
  • Send emails and create email campaigns.
  • Risk free, fully refundable for 14 days.


My mind is blown away by how much attention has been placed on all the essential details built into Jetpack CRM. It’s a polished, professional product that I love being able to bake into my Website as a Service (WaaS), multisite network. It adds true value for my customers and completes my product offering. I’ve not been able to find any tool quite like it (and trust me, I’ve looked!) If you’re looking to offer true value to your customers, this is worth its weight in gold!

Michal Short

We can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that Jetpack CRM is working tirelessly behind the scenes distributing leads automatically to our clients.

Dave Scribner

Is it easy to get started?

Good news, it’s now fast and incredibly easy get started with Jetpack CRM.

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