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JivoChat is much more than just a regular live chat! It offers you a 360° business communication system. JivoChat connects message funnels, offers calls, and is freely configurable and customizable! With its charming, user-friendly and responsive design, it is easy to use and works perfectly on any device.

  • Download of the extension is free.

  • Only for WooCommerce users: 30-days free trial and $10 free phone balance.

  • For more details on pricing after the trial period, please click here.

Ultimate Business Communicator for your E-commerce

Jivo is omnichannel! Live chats on your website, messages to your Facebook page, messages to your company’s email address, and calls to a phone number in any country – all go to one convenient JivoChat app.

  • Everything is in one place: your messages and chat history can be found in one inbox, so there is no need to sign up for multiple communication tools.
  • Super easy: your team can react quickly to all inquiries — you don’t have to switch between apps to reply on different channels.
  • Sales booster: you can double your sales by increasing website conversion rates and building better customer service experiences.

How does it work? One tool to rule them all

  • Live Chat: Talk with new and current visitors to your site with a proactive in-app chat.
  • Facebook: Continue your conversation on your customers’ favorite social media outlet: Facebook.
  • Business Phone: Get a phone number in 50+ countries or activate any existing number to make outgoing calls with Jivo Business Phone. Use professional features such as call recordings, transfers, routing and more. A unique Instant Callbacks feature encourages your potential customers to call you so that you can close more deals.
  • Email: Redirect emails from your company’s address (like info@yourcompany.com) to the JivoChat Inbox – your team will reply faster, and no emails will ever be missed.
  • Social Proof: JivoChat empowers every month 250k websites and 40k Facebook Pages around the world to engage in over 12 million live chats.

What makes JivoChat different?

  • Omnichannel: Send and receive client communications through live website chat, phone, email, and Facebook.
  • Instant callbacks for visitors: Blow your customer’s minds by calling them back in less than 27 seconds.
  • Folks really love our mobile app: JivoChat mobile is rated 4.6 on the Apple AppStore, higher than most other live chat apps!
  • Multi-agent chats: Transfer and invite colleagues to participate in open support chats with customers.

What we do better?

  • Access Facebook: Have live chat on Facebook easily without needing to log in or open a new tab.
  • Visitor Monitoring & Smart Triggers: Track your visitors in real time and proactively initiate live chats with them upon conditions you’ve set.
  • Automatic Translator: Forget the language barriers: JivoChat will translate your live chat in both directions instantly and fluently.
  • Quick Phrases & Canned Responses: Create pre-written messages and send them by using hotkeys, get suggestions from messages you’ve sent before.
  • Pointer: Highlight specific items on your website for your visitors.
  • Typing Insight: See the messages that visitors live typing before they hit “send.”
  • CRM Integrations, API, Webhooks and Mobile SDK: Connect each tool to our platform and build an amazing support system.
  • Quick Site Load Time: Don’t worry about your loading time: JivoChat scripts are loaded asynchronously.
  • 24/7 Support: We promise that we will never let you down.


  • Only for WooCommerce users: 30-days free trial. We are sure about our quality and we will make sure that you will love us!
  • Only for WooCommerce users: You will have $10 credits to try out our telephony.
  • Pay-per-seat: You will pay for the maximum amount of agents who will be online at the same time.
  • Pricing plans: Monthly: $15 per seat, 6-months: $72 per seat, 1-year: $120 per seat.
  • Free vs PRO: For a detailed comparison please visit our website and do not hesitate to ask your questions to our agents.


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