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Krokedil Product Documents

Developed by Krokedil
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Krokedil Product Documents

Developed by Krokedil

Choose, edit and attach additional documentation to your products for your customers to view, and review them in email notifications for purchased items.

Krokedil Product Documents helps merchants organize and display product-related documents such as assembly instructions and technical specifications. Customers easily can find the additional product data themselves, reducing the need for support.


Allow additional insight into the properties of the products in your store via additional materials in various file types.

Attach instructions, promotional materials, more views and various data to better help your customers understand and use your products, and enable additional quick access to them via email purchase notifications.

The extension can also be used to display sample data related to a product, such as a course or an e-book, to attract interest and increase conversion rates.


  • Easy-to-use and clearly presented additional tabs to help you navigate through your additional administrator settings.
  • Edit your files’ names and thumbnails for the user display.
  • Automatically generated file type icons accompanying each title.
  • Accompanying purchase notification email attachments containing the additional files.

Admin view

The extension adds a new product data tab named Documents.

In this tab you can:

  • Add one or several documents to the product.
  • Drag and drop the display order of the documents.
  • Change the title of the documents.
  • Change the documents tab name displayed in front-end.

Front-end view

The extension adds a new product tab displayed on single product page. Each document is listed with the file name or the specified document title.

Email view

The extension has one email setting – to enable or disable the inclusion of product documents in customer emails.

When this feature is activate and a customer purchases a product with a document assigned to it, the email sent to the customer will include a new section with links to the documents.



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