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Lazada Integration for WooCommerce

Leverage the high-performing Lazada integration for WooCommerce to expand your eCommerce.

With Lazada integration for WooCommerce, sellers can leverage their reach on one of the most popular marketplaces using automation. The integration allows for easy synchronization of product information, pricing, and stock levels between WooCommerce and Lazada, eliminating manual tasks and reducing the risk of errors. 

By harnessing this tool, sellers can efficiently manage both the channels from a single dashboard, saving time and enabling more focus on growing the business effectively.

Advanced Features to scale up your eCommerce:

Here are some of the top-notch features that would assist you in the scalability of your eCommerce across both platforms-

  • Bulk Upload

Effortlessly upload all your WooCommerce listings to Lazada along with all the product details. This approach not only frees up valuable time for other business operations but also ensures that your products reach a wider audience on Lazada marketplace.

  • Automatic Synchronization

By using schedulers, sellers can automatically sync product data, inventory levels, and orders across both platforms as per their preferred time frame. Schedulers eliminate the need for manual data entry and also assist in maintaining accuracy.

  • Easy Category Mapping

Create product profiles by assigning WooCommerce categories with the relevant Lazada categories. Moreover, you have the general settings and the category specific sections to fill out the precise product details.

  • Centralized Product Management

Centralized product management on your WooCommerce dashboard offers a streamlined approach to handling your products across both platforms efficiently. With the ability to easily find, update, edit, or delete products and other details from a single dashboard, this centralized system eliminates the need to navigate through multiple dashboards.

  • Fetch orders in one click

Speed up your fulfillment process by fetching all your Lazada orders on the WooCommerce dashboard. Further, you also have the option to differentiate between your synced and unsynced orders. Unsynced orders are basically the orders generated for Lazada products that are not synced with your WooCommerce store.

  • Separate Log section

In case, any of your WooCommerce products do not get uploaded on the Lazada marketplace during the upload process, the Log section will help you know the reason for the failure. You can simply resolve the error accordingly and re-upload the product to complete the upload process.

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