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License Manager for WooCommerce

License Manager for WooCommerce is An Ideal Add-on that Delivers Robust Solutions for Effortless Software License Sales and Management.

  • Automate management of software licenses
  • Customize settings to streamline license management and add branding features
  • Sell and deliver license keys quickly
  • Empower users to track and manage their software license purchases

Empower your business with effortless software license management. The powerful features of License Manager for WooCommerce provide a seamless and secure experience for administrators and customers.


  • Sell and deliver license keys effortlessly through WooCommerce
  • Manage the stock of licensed products automatically
  • Utilize the WordPress REST API to activate, deactivate, and verify licenses
  • Manually resend license keys when needed
  • Import and assign license keys to WooCommerce products in bulk
  • Ensure the security of your licenses with encryption
  • Admins can activate and deactivate user accounts
  • Allow users to add duplicate license keys
  • Configure settings for license key deliveries
  • Import license keys by uploading CSV files
  • Export license keys in PDF or CSV format
  • Manage the status of license keys
  • Create custom license key generators
  • Assign generators to one or more WooCommerce products
  • Validate customer licenses with their ID
  • Create ping requests to check client-server connections
  • Add your company logo to license certificates for branding
  • Sell digital software by attaching software as a zip file.
  • Users can track and manage activations associated with their licenses

License Manager for WooCommerce is a robust tool designed for retailers seeking efficient solutions to sell and manage their software licenses. This powerful extension extends the capabilities of the WordPress REST API, allowing seamless remote activation and deactivation of licenses. Configured with API keys, these routes ensure secure access to license-management functions.

License Manager for WooCommerce is more than a tool. The extension is a strategic investment in digital business efficiency, security, and growth. Experience a new standard in software license management—where automation meets precision.

Why should you choose License Manager for WooCommerce?

Auto-delivery of licenses

Streamline your eCommerce workflow by enabling automatic delivery of license keys after successful purchases. Say goodbye to manual interventions. Provide customers with seamless and instantaneous product fulfillment.

Simple ping requests

Create and send ping requests to check the health of the connection. This proactive approach guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted operation, allowing you to identify and address potential issues before they impact your customers.

Enhanced branding

Customize the appearance of your license key emails and user interfaces to reflect your brand aesthetics. From logos to color schemes, the Branding feature creates a cohesive and professional brand experience for your customers.

Secure license key activation and deactivation

Be sure that only authorized users can access your digital products. Administrators can effortlessly activate or deactivate user accounts, providing flexibility and security.

Bulk import and export of license keys

Bulk import license keys with ease. Upload a file and export keys in PDF or CSV formats.

Automated license stock management

This automated system ensures you never run out of stock, allowing customers continuous access to their purchased digital products.


This enhancement offers better control over the distribution and use of digital products. Gain insights into user interactions, allowing for strategic decisions regarding your software licenses.

Enable and disable API routes

Delete license keys

Effortlessly remove License Keys with seamless API integration through the Postman API Platform. The API response initiates the deletion of the license key data object, streamlining the process of license management for administrators.

Delete generator keys

Eliminate generator keys using APIs accessible on the Postman API Platform. The API response triggers the deletion of the generator’s data object, providing enhanced control over the entire license generation process.

Get application IDs

Retrieve the application IDs effortlessly through API calls on the Postman API Platform. The API response furnishes essential application ID-related information, facilitating a swift and efficient integration process for administrators.

Download files with Access Token

Enable secure software file downloads with ease. Administrators can now utilize the Access Token feature through APIs on the Postman API Platform, ensuring a robust and protected mechanism for allowing authorized access to download software files.

Get started

  • Buy License Manager for WooCommerce
  • Download and install the extension
  • Activate, install, and configure the extension

Read the technical documentation to set up donation campaigns, forms, and other features.

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