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Live Sales Map for WooCommerce

by  OPMC
View the real-time online sales activity of your business worldwide with Live Sales Map for WooCommerce.

View Your Store’s Sales Activity in Real-Time

Use Live Sales Map for WooCommerce to get instant insights into your marketing activities and promotions.

Are you planning for big sales campaigns and events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Halloween, Singles’ Day, and other high traffic periods? Watch your success unfold in real-time on a 3D globe. Gather your sales and marketing team to watch what happens worldwide.

Live Sales Map for WooCommerce makes it easy for WooCommerce-powered businesses to automatically display sales stats in real-time. It shows the following information by minutes, hours, or days. Just set the time period on the WooCommerce dashboard.


  • View sales activity in real-time on a worldwide, 3D-globe
  • View the location of orders
  • View the volume of sales
  • View the volume of orders
  • Order-update frequency


Store owners can react to sales activities in real-time. Viewing live sales data enables store owners and their support teams to act quickly to maximize profits from any promotions.

Use Live Sales Map for WooCommerce to increase your success with real-time business intelligence.

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