Logico Bid-Smart Advertising

Maximize your return on ad spending by buying qualified traffic.

Investing in ads and running online campaigns for your store without qualifying traffic and visitors is like advertising in the dark. It won’t help you attract new or loyal customers. With Logico, you can save on ads and buy traffic more effectively by excluding all unnecessary traffic, ineffective ad placements, and unqualified visitors. Your campaign budgets get spent on the traffic and visitors that matter to your business.

Conversion-focused ranking system

Logico’s Predictive Intelligence Ranking System uses real-time machine learning to predict how likely it is for a given customer to buy within the next 48 hours. Each user is ranked in five different ways to tailor-fit product recommendations to browsing patterns to help you sift through site visitors to find the customer who will click on “Buy.” The ranking system continuously learns from the patterns it encounters so that predictions are more accurate as time passes.

Free, in-house creative team on stand-by

Logico offers templates to help you create or update your promotions. All you have to do is enter the required information. Add text and images to ads such as static banners or even request dynamic banners.

We’re here to help! Our in-house creative team is on-hand for any design change you need — for free.


  • Buy traffic with clarity. Logico shows real-time bids, users, and ad placements, and clearly displays the total won and total excluded (unnecessary traffic, ads, placements, and users).
  • Save on ad spending. Logico invests your campaign budget wisely by showing ads to qualified traffic.
  • Pro-merchant ad strategies. Logico helps merchants reach realistic KPI by making appropriate product recommendations, ranking customers accurately, and targeting quality traffic.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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