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MailPoet – Newsletters, Email Marketing, and Automation for WooCommerce

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The official email marketing solution every new WooCommerce store needs to get started without a fuss. Make beautiful emails that reach the inbox, and get customers back!

Promote your business, sell more products, and enhance your customer service with MailPoet.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to store owners. MailPoet provides the functionality you need to grow your business, straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Increase sales with automated follow-up emails

Creating a series of automated follow-up emails is a great opportunity to introduce your brand, upsell products, ask for customer feedback, or deliver important instructions relating to a customer’s specific order. 

Personalize your follow-up emails for new customers, based on the exact product they purchased, or by the product’s category. Then schedule your emails to be automatically sent immediately or X days/weeks following purchase.

Recover abandoned carts

Win back lost sales with a series of abandoned cart emails. 

Remind customers of the contents of their cart and encourage them to return to purchase – automatically. If a customer makes a purchase after the first email, all subsequent reminders will be stopped.

Build long-lasting customer relationships with tailored content

The more personalized you can make your email campaigns, the higher engagement levels you can expect to see.

Use the list segmentation options in MailPoet to create email campaigns that have been personalized to your customers’ purchase history and behavior.

You’ll be able to segment by total spent, number of orders, customer’s country, if they have an active subscription (powered by WooCommerce Subscriptions), and if they have an active membership (powered by WooCommerce Memberships), in addition to non-WooCommerce specific criteria such as email opens or links clicked.

And if you opt for a paid MailPoet plan, you’ll unlock the power of multi-condition segments in order to get even more targeted.

Customize your WooCommerce emails

Prevent customer confusion and improve your brand awareness by customizing your WooCommerce emails to reflect your brand. 

Add your logo, change the color palette, and include any extra information about your business to make these emails work for your business. 

Create newsletters and promotional email campaigns

In addition to purchase follow-up emails, MailPoet enables you to send newsletters and promotional email campaigns to your subscribers. 

Using our drag-and-drop email editor or one of our many pre-built templates, you can quickly create an email marketing campaign that showcases your business and keeps subscribers in the loop about new product launches, promotions, blog posts, and more. 

Grow your email list

Encourage visitors to join your mailing list by creating an eye-catching signup form using our built-in form editor.

Powered by Gutenberg, you can style one of our pre-built templates, or create your own form from scratch. Choose between a pop-up, slide-in, fixed bar, below post/pages, widget, and specify which products or pages you’d like your forms to appear on. 

Or why not encourage sign-ups at the checkout? Allow your customers to opt-in to receive your email marketing campaigns when they’re making their purchase.

All of your emails delivered to inboxes, not spam boxes

Sign up for a MailPoet plan (free if you have less than 1,000 subscribers!) to benefit from our best-in-class deliverability rate by using the built-in MailPoet Sending Service. Your emails will be delivered fast and securely to your subscribers, without the need for an extra plugin.

And this doesn’t stop at email marketing campaigns – MailPoet can deliver your WooCommerce transactional emails too, ensuring your customers receive all of their order details. 

Prefer to use your own sending provider? No problem. You can also send your MailPoet emails using an SMTP service.

Analyze and improve your campaigns

MailPoet Email statistics and WooCommerce revenues generated from them

Assess how well your email campaigns are performing and continuously make them better, using email stats.

Discover your open rate, the number of clicks, and the revenue earned from each of your email campaigns, straight from the WordPress dashboard.

To optimize your email campaigns even further, sign up for a paid MailPoet plan, which will give you access to detailed engagement statistics.


MailPoet is available to sign up for free for up to 1,000 subscribers. If you’re interested in using our advanced functionality (multi-condition segments, detailed engagement statistics, and Google Analytics integration), having access to priority support, or want to scale your email marketing list beyond 1,000 subscribers, sign up for a paid MailPoet plan – starting at just $10/month.

Send better emails with MailPoet

Need a hand getting started? Take a look at our Knowledge Base. Or, for email marketing tips and trips, visit our blog.

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