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ManoMano Integration for WooCommerce

Manomano Integration for WooCommerce allows merchants to list products on the Manomano marketplace and manage the orders from their WooCommerce stores.

Sell effortlessly on ManoMano with WooCommerce

Connect your ManoMano store with WooCommerce and showcase your products throughout the European region. The ManoMano Integration for WooCommerce plugin lets you list your products and sell them hassle-free. ManoMano Integration for WooCommerce assists with real-time inventory synchronization, product upload or update, order imports, and shipment.

Why sell on ManoMano?

ManoMano came into existence in 2013 and has gained exponential growth specializing in DIY, home improvement, and gardening. ManoMano is among the top ten companies in Google’s Scale-Up program selling over 10 million products and representing over 3600 retail partners. The marketplace operates in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Overview of the integration

The integration solution automates the selling process by connecting the ManoMano marketplace to WooCommerce. Manage everything from a centralized platform and list your products seamlessly on WooCommerce.


Product uploads or updates

Admins can easily upload new products and update the existing ones with a few clicks.

Inventory synchronization

Regular synchronization of inventory helps keep stores updated with the total count of stock. It reduces the risks of overselling and underselling.

Order import

This feature allows admins to import all ManoMano orders to WooCommerce stores. All newly placed orders on ManoMano will automatically process on the WooCommerce store. You can manage all orders centrally.


Fill orders with imported details and facilitate the easy tracking of orders for your customers. Build customer loyalty and trust by promptly filling and shipping orders.

Additional benefits

Smooth sales

Experience a smooth selling process on the ManoMano marketplace through ManoMano Integration for WooCommerce.

Dedicated account management

An account manager will be there to assist you throughout the entire onboarding and setup process.

24/7 support

Contact us with any questions and we will assist you. Contact us via WhatsApp and Skype.

Why Choose ManoMano Integration for WooCommerce?

With the ManoMano Integration for WooCommerce, you can seamlessly market your products to the large ManoMano shopping community and increase sales.

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