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Marketing Automation by Icegram

Powerful email marketing and automation plugin for WooCommerce. Autoresponders, workflows, campaigns, broadcasts and a lot more. Lower costs, higher conversions.

Marketing Automation by Icegram Banner

Nurture leads, retain customers and optimize customer communication with marketing automation for WooCommerce. Welcome emails, automated triggers, list segments, campaigns and more…the plugin has all the required tools to make you more money.

Automate Your Marketing Communications

Put your marketing activities on autopilot with automatic emails, workflows, broadcasts and others that communicate directly with your audience, effectively.

Choose WooCommerce Marketing Automation by Icegram plugin to

  • Send welcome emails
  • Send newsletter broadcasts
  • Automate follow-up sequence mails
  • Maintain product-specific audience lists
  • Unsubscribe customers if they refund or cancel
  • Access high-converting email design templates

This plugin packs the power you need

And it’s not just a plugin. This is a smart combination of a plugin backed by supportive services. There are things that plugins can’t do reliably without additional support. We cover these challenges for you from our servers. We manage spam checks, improve security levels, perform list cleanups, automate email delivery chrons, and much more.

Powerful tools and benefits into an easy-to-use package

  • Autoresponders, automated Woo action triggers, workflows, segments, and campaigns
  • Easy setup, subscription forms, multi-list subscriptions, UTM parameters, link/open/click/view tracking, single or double opt-in, different campaign types, reports, access control, batch sending, scheduled delivery, premium design templates, GDPR compliance, import/export, and SMTP support
  • Automatic sync with WooCommerce customers as well as many popular WordPress plugins
  • Run campaigns such as onboarding emails, promotional or recommendation emails; educate customers about your products with drip sequences, etc.
  • Unlimited contacts, unlimited lists, unlimited campaigns, unlimited forms
  • You own your data, carry your branding and benefit from tight integration with WooCommerce
  • Can easily run autoresponder and follow up sequences with people who purchase specific products
  • Much lower running costs with professional SMTP/email delivery services
  • An easier system means you will run more campaigns, save time and get much better results

Our server-side systems ensure your automations keep working even if you’re on shared hosting

Why use WooCommerce marketing automation plugin by Icegram?

We Are a Trusted WooCommerce Developer

Marketing Automation is a WooCommerce-specific plugin from Icegram. Icegram’s plugins are used on over 230,000 sites and we have lots of experience in this field.

Icegram is a sister brand of StoreApps – developers of top-selling WooCommerce extensions like WooCommerce Smart Coupons and Affiliate for WooCommerce.

You get the best of both SaaS and self-hosted alternatives—from a trusted WooCommerce developer.

Automation means the system will continue marketing for you while you sleep!

The plugin and service combination solves resource problems with shared hosting. Support for SMTP and professional email sending services improves email deliverability. We also take care of spam checks, CSS inlining, list cleanup, and many other benefits from server-side components. So users get the best of plugin + SaaS.

Improve results and save costs with email marketing automation for WooCommerce. We’ve built a powerful platform that works to accomplish automation for your WooCommerce store in order to scale your business.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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