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Megaventory Inventory Management

Developed by Megaventory
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Megaventory Inventory Management

Developed by Megaventory

If your business relies on the WooCommerce platform, integrating it with Megaventory — the state-of-the-art web-based, inventory and order management software for small and medium businesses — brings you superior inventory and order management while keeping products and clients synced across WooCommerce, Megaventory, and multiple physical locations in real-time.

The Megaventory Inventory Management extension upgrades your WooCommerce store with more efficient order handling. It syncs incoming WooCommerce orders with Megaventory, where you can track whether they’re verified, shipped, invoiced, or closed. Megaventory tracks inventory levels and syncs that information to your store, where customers can find it. Megaventory can also handle return information,  and show relevant information in your WooCommerce backend.

Account & Pricing

The Megaventory Inventory Management plugin requires a Megaventory account subscription. After the extension has been installed in WooCommerce, merchants need to sign up for their separate Megaventory account here. The Megaventory account has a monthly subscription fee – details about the fees are available here.**

The Megaventory Pro Pricing is $150 a month, which includes 5 users, and covers up to 10,000 transactions, 20 locations, 20,000 products, and 20,000 Clients. It also includes two hours of training and five different integrations. You can add additional users for $50/month per user (for up to 35 users), or more transactions for $50/month per additional 10,000 transactions (up to 100,000)

Any accounts that exceed the Pro limits are Enterprise accounts, which require custom pricing.

What the plugin can do for you

With Megaventory, your WooCommerce site can:

  • Show product availability in real-time on your store’s front end based on actual stock levels.

  • Connect more than one warehouses, stores, or other locations

  • Process orders from verification to shipment to closing in the Megaventory backend, ensuring a best-practices approach to running your online store.

  • Automatically and robustly sync via API the relevant information between your store and your inventory management software, saving you the time you’d spend making double entries.

  • Seamlessly handle invoicing, returns, and more.

Use cases

Typical use cases for Megaventory Inventory Management have to do with WooCommerce stores that have seen significant growth (i.e. handle many orders per day or have multiple clients sending orders regularly) and need help tracking the status of each order and the location of its associated products.

The extension is great for retail or wholesale businesses handling apparel, electronics, hardware, and furniture, though these are only some of the verticals supported.

Example use case #1: Real-time update of inventory levels on eshop

If orders are placed on the WooCommerce eshop and an additional channel such as over the phone for the same product, then it’s necessary for both channels to refer to the same stock level as the remaining product availability. So, when the phone order is fulfilled (shipped out) it is necessary for the new stock level to be pushed to the eshop. That way, the next visitor who is ready to place an order over the WooCommerce site will see the updated stock (or an out of stock indication). Visitors can then see exactly how much they can purchase – or place a backorder. In any case, selling the same stock twice can be prevented.

Example use case #2: Multiple sales channels

When orders are coming in from multiple sales channels and with different characteristics (date placed, quantities, values, clients, etc) it is key to be able to collect everything in a single list of orders so a decision can be made on what to process first. This list can be consolidated by Megaventory and it can then be prioritized as to its fulfillment based on the most important factor e.g. ship higher value orders first, or ship earlier orders first, etc. Megaventory can handle collecting orders from key sales channels including WooCommerce along with other ecommerce channels, email, phone, sales reps and so on allowing its users a consolidated and efficient workflow.

Video demo

An example of the above two use cases can be demonstrated in this video overview of how the extension operates between WooCommerce and Megaventory.


Inventory Management

  • Multiple Locations / Warehouses / Stores
  • Stock Alerts
  • Returns of Goods from Clients / to Suppliers
  • Supplier Availability and Lead Times
  • Inventory Changes over Time
  • Product Cost Tracking over Time
  • Serial Numbers
  • Transfer between Locations

Order Fulfillment

  • Sales Orders from Clients
  • Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Sales Quotes for Clients
  • Shipping Providers
  • Partial Shipping / Partial Receiving
  • Consignment Sales and Purchases
  • Dropshipping Sales and Purchases
  • Automated Fulfillment Capability Check
  • Services

Report Creation

  • Inbound and Outbound Movements
  • Availability Levels
  • Gross Profit
  • Inventory Value
  • Business Intelligence ready
  • Report Sharing to Users
  • Picking and Packing Slips
  • Delivery Slips

Manufacturing Tracking

  • Bill of Materials
  • Allocation of Components to Work Orders
  • Full / Partial Receipt of Finished Goods
  • Quick / Bulk Manufacturing Updates
  • Multiple Level Manufacturing
  • Work in Process Cost
  • Labor Costs per Work Order
  • Work Order Printouts

Data Administration

  • Sophisticated User Permissions
  • Detailed User Activity Logs
  • Backup and Restore at any Time
  • Data Import / Data Export
  • Drilldown Data Capable
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Pricing Rules
  • Contacts Management

Software Customization

  • Localized into Multiple Languages
  • User Customizable Texts
  • Rich and Straightforward API
  • Custom Document and Invoice Templates
  • Custom Automatic Invoice Numbering
  • Barcode Scanning / Barcode Printing
  • Direct Data Access via Intuitive Cards
  • Multiple Integrations

Full Documentation

Full documentation about the Megaventory Inventory Management extension is available here.

Megaventory is a US software company established in 2010 which develops,. More information about Megaventory is available at

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