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Membership Suite for WooCommerce

Add a customizable membership benefits program to your store with Membership Suite for WooCommerce.

Add a Customizable Membership Benefits Program to Your Store

Encourage customers to become lifetime fans of your store with the Membership Suite for WooCommerce extension. Membership Suite for WooCommerce is an endlessly customizable benefits suite. Add a variety of membership advantages for your customers to increase revenue and customer loyalty.


Additional revenue

Charge subscription and one-time fees to earn additional revenue for your site.

Offers convenient benefits to your customers

Offer exclusive discounts and special offers to subscribing members. You also have the option to make membership plans transferable, shareable, and more. Make membership a true benefit for your customers and their satisfaction with your site will increase.


1. Multiple ways to become a member

Sign up


Manually assigned

2. Give first-time membership for free or charge a fee for Sign Up mode.

3. Select specific products, pages, posts, and URLs and restrict them to members-only access.





Shipping methods

Payment methods

4. Restriction types for products

  • Not purchasable
  • Alternate content
  • Redirection

5. Hide product details

  • Price
  • Description
  • Short description

6. Restriction types for pages, posts, and URLs

  • Alternate Content
  • Excerpt Content
  • Redirection

7. Alternate contents can be displayed on the page or in a pop-up

8. Plan duration types

  • Limited duration
  • Scheduled date
  • Unlimited duration

9. You can assign trial periods for membership plans

10. Specific membership plan purchases can be limited to users who satisfy set criteria.

11. Access to restricted content can be based on various triggers

  • Immediately when becoming a member
  • After a specific duration of becoming a member
  • After a trial period

12. Child plan support

Lower priority plans can be linked to higher priority plans, so users having access to higher priority plans also get access to any restricted items included in lower priority plans.

13. Discounts

Site-wide discounts can be given to members of specific membership plans.

14. Membership transfer

Members can transfer their membership plans and all their benefits to another user. It is possible to automatically transfer memberships upon request (immediately) or to require an admin’s approval of the transfer.

15. Membership linking

Members can link their membership plan with other users (admins can limit the maximum number of users that can be limited) so multiple users can use the privileges of a single membership. It is possible to automatically link users or to require an admin’s approval of the linking.

16. Tier switching

If members achieve certain goals determined by an admin they can have their memberships automatically upgraded or renewed. Memberships can also be automatically downgraded if goals are not achieved.

17. Pay per item

You can offer access to restricted membership-only benefits if users pay a one-time fee. You can limit the time users have to access the benefit.

18. Default membership

Site admin can set a basic membership plan as Default Membership so that all the non-members on the site can access the privileges of the basic membership plan.

19. Membership dashboard

Users can manage their memberships and see their privileges in a single place.

20. Site admins can hide selected payment methods for members-only purchases.

21. Admins can allow users to purchase regular products with members-only products in the same transaction.

22. After a membership plan’s expiration date, site admins can set a grace period allowing members to renew their memberships before they are canceled.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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