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The mini cart plugin for WooCommerce provides your store users immediate access to cart details within the main menu. The plugin allows you to add a mini cart that summarizes cart items and amounts, with a cart fly-out for a detailed view. You can supplement the checkout process with a side cart that automatically shows when an item is added to the cart or can directly checkout from the sticky cart.

With a conventional checkout process, the cart is hidden, and users are unsure whether their selected products are added to the cart. They either remain confused or leave the shop page to review the cart. WooCommerce menu cart gives them complete detail in the main menu so they can continue shopping or checkout when needed. Communicate additions to the cart with fly cart animation and notification. Users can easily modify their selections, apply coupon codes, and checkout.


  • Add a fly-out Cart to your page or Mini Cart to the Main Menu
  • Customize with 13 different Cart-like icons
  • Choose between two Cart styles, sticky or side cart.
  • Upload a custom icon
  • Enable sliding Cart for better UX
  • Display Cart items and prices with an Icon in the Main Menu
  • Add a Cart icon to multiple page positions
  • Show a Mini Cart anywhere with shortcodes
  • Engage users with fly-out Cart animation and optional added notifications

Add a Mini Cart to the Main Menu

Add a WooCommerce mini cart plugin to enrich the main menu of your store with additional information about the Cart. It removes customers from the hassle of repeatedly going to the cart page as the menu cart summarizes it all. You can display the following:

woocommerce mini cart

Display a Sticky Cart on WooCommerce Store

Enable the WooCommerce sticky cart to display all the products in the cart. Increase the quantity of the products with the help of the dropdown button and also remove the product from the cart. Customize the sticky cart as per your preference with the following options:

  • Enable Add to cart button
  • Allow Checkout from the sticky cart
  • Change the text, buttons, and background color of the cart

WooCommerce Sticky Cart

Auto Display Side Cart when Product is added

Improve the purchase process flow with the WooCommerce side cart that appears as the customer adds a product to the cart. Customize it for better user engagement with these options:

  •   Enable fly-to-cart animation
  •  Automate its display
  •  Rounded corners
  •  Allows redeeming coupon codes in Side Cart
  •  Show it on the left or right side of the screen
  •  Change its header text, icon, colors, etc.

WooCommerce Side Cart


Enable Add-to-Cart notifications

Notify customers of every item they add to the cart to help them continue shopping without worrying about the product’s addition. You can change the text and background colors of the notification.

WooCommerce Mini Cart Notifications

Maximize sales volume with a fly-out Cart

Mini cart for WooCommerce allows you to enable a floating cart highlighting cart details on mouse hover. Select the number of items to display in a fly-out cart and shorter product names.

woocommerce mini cart

13 Different Icons to Symbolize Mini Cart

Use 13 icons to make the mini Cart more attractive, appealing, and self-explanatory. WooCommerce mini cart customization allows you to upload a custom icon as well.

mini cart plugin

Display Mini Cart anywhere on the page

By using the WooCommerce mini cart shortcode, you can take the mini cart to any page position. Display it in multiple prominent positions to make it visible and usable. You can add it to the header, footer, or sidebar.

woocommerce mini cart

Re-position the Mini Cart in the Main Menu

You can change the position of the WooCommerce mini cart to your preferences. Display it at the top-left or top-right corner of the main menu, or set it to default. Choose it according to the user behavior of your online store.

mini cart plugin

Configure the Cart menu

The Mini Cart for WooCommerce plugin gives you various configuration options for the Cart menu. You can show products, quantities, prices, and the total amount in the Cart menu.

  • The Cart icon
  • The Cart icon, products, and prices
  • Items and prices

mini cart plugin

Change the Cart texts and links

WooCommerce side cart enables you to personalize the cart by text and links to make it more usable. Add text for ‘Empty Cart’ and ‘View Cart’ to make it easy to understand and persuasive for the users. Specify Cart and Checkout URLs.

mini cart plugin


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